Change for the Future: 4 Reasons to Avail HTML5 Conversion Services Now

Understanding HTML5

If your website’s been stuck in the mid-2000’s, then you’d better start availing Flash to HTML5 conversion services. The Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C), the organization tasked to develop the internet, has standardized HTML5. HTML5 is the fifth iteration of the HTML language, which is used to write websites with simpler and more straightforward code. It’s not just a fad. It’s going to be what’s hot now and in the years to come, so it’s only right that you follow the read more »

Post-Print Publishing: The Pros and Cons of Online Publishing

EBook Conversion Services - SPi Global Content Solutions

For writers, getting their work published is considered an endearing accomplishment. It is the tangible embodiment of all their hard work. Back then, when printing was the dominant form of communication, newspapers and printed books were the foremost source of information. But when the digital world evolved and introduced us to the World Wide Web, it added electronic resources to the list – namely websites, electronic books, ebook conversion services, apps and the like. Because digital media and innovative mobile read more »

Worthy of the Headlines: 5 News Sites that Can Change News Media

CNN Logo

From newsprint to radio, to TV, and finally, the internet – news has evolved along with technology, and in a sense with human civilization. And because of the freedom and cost-effectiveness the internet offers, a lot of news sites have popped up in a span of a few years. It’s good that people have a lot of options online when it comes to finding a news source. However, only a few stand out from the rest. Whether it’s because of read more »

A Year in Review: The Online World in 2014

Evolution Of The Internet

2014 was an awesome year, especially for the internet. From the rise of cloud computing to ePub conversion services – to say that many things have happened in cyberspace is an understatement. Without further ado, let’s look back to 2014 and see how our world has been massively shaped and directed by online technology and innovations.   HTML5 – A New Standard Ever since its conception for CERN by Tim Berners-Lee, HTML has been the standard language that the worldwide read more »

#Throwback: The Internet Back In The 90’s

It’s hard to imagine life without the internet. No Facebook to know what’s up and chat with your family and friends, no Instagram where you can post that filtered photo of your snack in, and no Google to pinpoint what you’re looking for in the vastness of cyberspace. However, two decades ago, the internet didn’t mean any of the things mentioned above. If you were to compare the internet twenty years back to the one now, it would seem like read more »

Read To Write: 5 Cornerstone Novels of South American Literature

100 Years Of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

In literature, the words “the great American novel” is often heard. While it’s undeniable that writers like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Truman Capote have put the United States on the map, there is more to America than just the red, white, and blue. Look a bit further down and you’ll see a rich culture where many great written works of art have been birthed – South America. Here are five of the greatest novels from Latin America that has survived read more »

Why Bibliophiles Love To Read… And Why You Should Too!

To Read Or Not To Read? That Is A Silly Question!

In the age of mobile content delivery, smartphones, and tablets, reading books has become quite an unpopular activity. However, just because it’s no longer the pastime of choice by a lot of people doesn’t mean it’s no longer relevant. In fact, with all the many literary works that have recently came up, there’s no better time to tell people to pick up reading as a hobby. It doesn’t take a genius to turn someone into an avid reader. Today, we read more »

Reviewing The Dictionaries: Words Made Official This 2014

Reviewing the Dictionary - Words Made Official 2014

English evolves to adapt with the times. It does this is by either adding new words or a new definition to already existing ones. And for the past twelve months, new words and meanings have made their way to the dictionary. Before you learn the language of Flash to HTML5 conversion, you should know these words first.   Social networking This term has been around for a long time but was only officially added this year. At first glance, the read more »

Game On! 5 Browser Games That Are Powered by HTML5

Angry Birds - HTML5 Game

Even the simplest of browser games that are powered by Adobe Flash were fun and addictive. However, they will not work if you couldn’t install the Adobe Flash plugin, which is the case for smartphones and tablets. Thankfully, HTML5 can now be used to make browser games as well. These creations, which are just as impressive as their Flash counterparts, do not need any plugins to make them work, thus the rise of Flash to HTML5 conversion services. If you read more »

7 Trending Sites That Feature Incredible Web Design

Facebook may be the site that receives the most visits, logins, and hours spent, but it’s definitely not the most creative site there is. If you want to see creativity that will make you wow, sneak a peek or two at these stylish sites that employ techniques such as Flash to HTML5 conversion, parallax, WebGL, and a lot of others that can give non-web savvy people a headache.   Anyone who has been spending a handful of time read more »