Nurturing the Writer In You: 5 Online Communities For Creative Minds

Hobbies are always more fun when you know people who share them with you. Especially for many in creative professions, it was the support and advice of their fellows that got them where they are right now. In particular, many self-published writers got their start through writing groups who helped them find contacts for funding, editing, ebook conversion services, and even marketing assistance.

Copyright 101: How Do I Copyright My Web Design?


Copyright. The salvation of artists everywhere. The bane of uncreative thieves. This basic symbol © has protected works for years by regulating their use and copy by other parties, as well as an author’s right to benefit from such actions. Copyright begins from the creation of the material and lasts 95—120 years before it becomes public domain. It is only at this point that a created thing can be used freely. Copyright applies immediately to all ideas that have been listed down in a “fixed, tangible medium,” so a work doesn’t have to published traditionally or registered to be given a copyright.

Writer’s Kit: 5 Apps Every Author Should Have On Their Phone


Once upon a time, writers had to bring pen and paper with them everywhere they went so they wouldn’t lose a great idea. Of course, that often meant large bags or small ones in which arguably important items were eschewed (wallet? Who needs a wallet when there needs to be space for a notebook?). And then there was the arduous task of having to type up everything they’d written.

2015: What to Expect In The Online Publishing Industry

online publishing

I think it’s a given at this point that online publishing is on a roll, with the increasing number of titles that crop up every year in platforms like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. While self-publishing used to be a difficult chore that only the most gung-ho and well-to-do writers would consider, the process has become easier with the availability of e-book conversion services, distribution services, and plentiful advice from blogs and writers’ circles.

4 Steps to Optimize Ebooks


The increasing popularity of ebooks is an advantage not just in terms of publishing. With the advancement of technology, more and more people are starting to see how it can be used to market entire brands. In response to this need, companies that offer services like converting pdf to epub or other workable file formats are popping up to help authors and marketers optimize their utility. So if you’re looking to make the most out of your ebook, here are four steps to how you can.

The Amplified Importance of 21st Century Libraries In The Digital Age


With the advent of ebooks, many have questioned the relevance of libraries today given that people can get and read information from virtually anywhere. However, the physical library structure remains important because of the atmosphere it provides and its status as a community landmark. Libraries are also capable of stocking resources that cannot be obtained easily given their networks with top research institutes, publishing houses, freelance authors, and universities.

Exploiting Psychological Biases to Write the Next Bestseller

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In the world of literature, one fact has always and will continue to exist: Incredibly talented writers can spend forever in anonymity while their less-worthy peers achieve fame and fortune, if only for a moment. The reality is that getting noticed in the publishing industry takes more than just the ability to pen a great work. In an age where putting one’s work out there is easy due to the presence of many ebook conversion services, good-quality work can often get lost in a myriad of poor but flashy alternatives.

Tools of the Trade: 5 Sites That Can Greatly Help Professionals


We live in a fast-paced world. Work demands keep all of us busy with finishing deadlines and meeting expectations. Sometimes we don’t have time for recreation and hobbies. But lately, there have been a lot of applications and sites that have come out, aiming to help the busy professional manage their careers, and balance work and life. With innovations such as smartphones and flash to HTML 5 conversion, we can access a lot of these on the go. Here are read more »

The Year of Social Media: Predicted Social Media Trends for 2015

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After the boom of Facebook and Twitter a few years back, the world has become fascinated and obsessed with social media. In fact, it has become a necessity in almost all online endeavors. And looking at the way things in the information superhighway is going, it’s safe to say that its relevance, just like that of mobile content delivery, is highly unlikely to disappear any time soon. With that in mind, here are a few trends that either might or read more »