Four Ideas For Your Featured Homepage

4 Must Haves For Your Featured Home Page

Because of cheaper and more accessible computer technology and internet connection, a lot of people, organizations, and enterprises now have websites, allowing visitors to easily know more about and contact them. However, if the website is to reel in its viewers to its true purpose, it must have features that will pique their interests. So if you’re planning to put up your own website, before you start learning about Flash to HTML5 conversion, you need to find out about these read more »

The 5 Secrets Of A Great Editorial

The 5 Secrets Of A Great Editorial | EPUB Conversion Services

  They say that when it comes to opinions, there is no such thing as a right or wrong one. Whether you agree with that statement or not, it is undeniable that there are opinions that are more relevant than others. Same goes with editorials. Even if many editorials are conveying the same opinion, there are elements that can make a select few stand out. If you want your editorial to outshine the others, here are some secrets that can read more »

4 Mobile Apps To Help Overcome Writer’s Block


If you are a writer, then I’m certain that you have experienced this ubiquitous impediment: the writer’s block. It’s a difficult state of mind to be in, especially if you have all these clever ideas that you can’t put into words. Writer’s block can cause heaps of stress, frustration, and desperation. But worry not! Curing writer’s block is easier than learning Flash to HTML5 Conversion. How? Through these simple apps that are a delight to use.   Poetreat :   read more »

Where Is Web Design Headed? 5 Trends Coming Into 2015

HTML5 Conversion - Responsive Desigin

The internet has come a long way. From its humble text-based beginning, it has become a multi-purpose and heavily graphical part of our everyday lives. And as time keeps turning, the worldwide web will keep on evolving in order to adapt to mankind’s ever-changing wants and needs. We’re going HTML5 conversion and beyond! And here are five other web design trends that are dominating the web design industry.   Responsive Design While desktops and laptops are far from becoming obsolete, read more »

The 4 Essential Elements of a Well-Written Critique

Elements of a Well Written Critique

It may not seem much, but critiques are actually a big part of our lives as consumers of visual and printed media. For example, in order to know that a book, a movie, or a show is worth investing time on, we look for reviews, a form of critique. Writers can also benefit from critiques because it helps them gauge whether they should pursue EPUB coversion services for their work, or revise further for more positive acclaim. Although everyone’s a critic, read more »

The Writer’s Guide To Beating The Deadline

EPUB Conversion Services - Beating The Deadline

Good write-ups – be it fiction, poetry, articles, or essays – are works of art. And just like all works of art, they cannot be rushed. However, that isn’t always the case, as many writers, especially those working for publications, online media, as well as those in Epub conversion services, have a deadline. If you’re having trouble turning in your work before the deadliest of dates, here are some points that can help you out.   Work early Although writing read more »

Wanna Be Famous Online? Here’s How To Establish Your Own Content Identity

HTML5 - Content Identity

There are a lot of good writers on the internet. However, not all of them get to leave a lasting impression on their readers, making them seem like a dime a dozen despite their talent. Thus, establishing content identity should be a bigger priority than user experience and HTML5 conversion. With that, here are some necessary things to not only be read but also remembered.   Zero In On A Niche It’s never enough to write just for the sake of writing; read more »

Writing For The Web? Timeless Tips For Great Content

Ebook Conversion Services - Timeless Tips For Great Web Content

The internet age is a great time to be a writer, because anyone can be one. With the right words and free blogsites such as Tumblr, WordPress, and Blogspot, your thoughts put into text can now be read by almost anyone. However, just because anyone can see what you have written doesn’t mean that everyone will read it. So, before you brush up on ebook conversion services, here are some pointers on how and what to write for the worldwide read more »

Distraction Free Writing Tools You Should’ve Been Using 2 Years Ago!


Writing requires a lot of concentration. And sometimes, as if the stimuli we receive from the outside world isn’t distracting enough, we also get a lot of distractions from the programs we use for writing. With Windows’ and Mac’s various and ever-present toolbars and icons on the side, it’s easy to feel as if you’re working on such a small space with so many things taking your attention. So, you want an experience that doesn’t make you feel like you’re read more »

Author Website 101: 4 Pages Your Site MUST Have


As an author, even if you want to live a private life, you need to be visible to your public. And in this day and age, in order to do so, you need to have your own website. Although getting a social media account is a good way to make your presence felt online, it cannot match the comprehensiveness a website can offer. Before you go sweating about the details and concern yourself with net jargon such as web traffic read more »