What Kind of Editing Do You Need? The 4 Tiers Of Editing

SPi CS - The 4 Tiers Of Editing

  As authors, our main achievement is reflected in the completion of manuscripts. It’s often a long, drawn-out process that can take years, and once we’ve penned those final words, it feels like “that’s it”. However, the work of book writing doesn’t end with finishing a manuscript. There’s so much more ahead of the road—including but not limited to hardcore editing, seeking out epub conversion services, working with distributors, and marketing. Editing is particularly important because it could spell the read more »

Writer’s Block, Burnout, Rejection, Success: An Author’s Journey

SPi CS - An Author's Journey

   And with the rise of self-publishing, you don’t even have to pitch a fit over creative control issues. With help from ebook conversion services, the act of releasing books is completely in yoLife as an author seems pretty easy at first glance. Getting paid to churn out stories at one’s leisure in a comfy beach house while raking in the dough from royalties, signing books, getting your books made into movies, garnering a rabid fanbase with the fruit of read more »

Not Interested! 5 Reasons Why Your Readers Don’t Finish Your Book

Not Interested! 5 Reasons Why Your Readers Don't Finish Your Book

The world of books is one that has fascinated generation upon eager generation. Reading is a treasured pastime for many, to the point where many of these readers have ended up crafting their own worlds in their own works. Some built their name through avenues such as fan fiction, and eventually made it into the professional publishing industry as either contracted or self-published authors. With the prevalence and increasing ease of self-publishing through ebook conversion services and the like, more read more »

5 Tips To Impress Publishers By Making Your Author Website Look Awesome

Tips To Impress Publishers By Making Your Author Website Look Awesome

  Author websites are an author’s cornerstone. It’s your online resume—the only place where you control the information and presentation of your works. It’s where people find you, and where they ought to find you. However, website upkeep can seem complicated for many authors who may prefer the quiet and untechie life, especially given newfangled requirements such as Flash to HTML5 conversion. Nonetheless, it can dictate your success or failure because your site is where publishers want to be led read more »

Stop Trying To Drink From A Hydrant: Top 5 Apps That’ll Make Reading Online Content

Mobile Content Delivery - Stop Trying To Drink From A Hydrant: Top 5 Apps That'll Make Reading Online Content

The Internet is a growing monster, and every day, mountains of digital information flood us through Yahoo. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. Thus, keeping track of all this information while trying to stay updated is difficult. This is where content curation comes in. It simplifies mobile content delivery by locating, categorizing, and sharing the most relevant information in a streamlined, clean manner. Thus, you can view only the information you want to see in a way that’s easy read more »

The 4 Steps Of Developing a Successful Mobile App

SPi CS - 4 Steps Of Developing a Successful Mobile App

  In a world where even grandparents own (and are addicted to) iPads, apps have become one of the best ways to make a profit and build a brand. So many entrepreneurs (the masters behind Angry Birds, Candy Crush, and Farmville come to mind) have become household names from creations that struck a chord with people. Thus, many firms are looking to app development as a form of mobile content delivery. Given the number of new apps that pops up read more »

Top 8 HTML5 Websites to Inspire You

The Wilderness Downtown

The development of the HTML5 language has been a breath of fresh air for many developers. It opens up many possibilities because it allows the presentation of clear, defined animation without requiring plugins and is accessible on both computers and mobile gadgets. It’s also supported by most browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Given how more and more people utilize different platforms and devices in surfing the Net, HTML5 conversion is a must for those who want to read more »

4 Reasons why HTML5 is going to be Unstoppable this 2014

SPi CS - Unstoppable HTML5 This 2014 

   For many people in the industry, HTML5 could be the future of web-based developments. Since its inception in 2011, it has been utilized by so many websites and applications, and it’s not even finished yet (its target completion date falls at the end of the year). Studies report that at this time, it is already the choice platform for mobile developers. Thus, Flash to HTML5 conversion has become an increasing necessity for sites that are hoping to stay on read more »

Want To Write Your Own Enhanced Ebook? 5 Tools That’ll Make That Happen

SPi CS - Tools To Help You Make An Enhanced Ebook

  Enhanced ebooks-provide interactive features including audio, video, and animation. Generally, they are still experimental at this stage, but many tools and applications have been developed to generate them. Enhanced ebooks are excellent educational tools, especially for young children, because they can make the reading experience very interactive. They’re also good as textbooks because readers can absorb information more easily through the different media. Enhanced ebooks come in formats such as interactive PDF, apps for mobile devices, fixed layout ebooks, read more »

For Your Eyes Only: The 4 Secrets To A Successful Self-Published Ebook

SPi CS - The 4 Secrets Of A Successful Self Published Ebook

Since it’s so much easier to get published these days, the world is cluttered with books, especially e-books. They come in all forms, sizes, and formats, therefore giving rise to companies offering epub conversion services and the like. Today, books are the most widely available than they have ever been because of the global Internet age. However, more hasn’t necessarily translated into better. Very few e-book titles have become smashing successes because the palates of smart book readers are attuned read more »