A Number of Reasons Why Books Are Far from Gone

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Books have long been every reader’s retreat from his long days. They are his usual companions, inviting him to new worlds, and sharing with him infinite ideas. Without books, man is oblivious to Dorothy’s travel to Oz, of Alice’s tumble into Underland, and of the struggle of The-Boy-Who-Lived against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Without books, the Word of God or Darwin’s Theory of Evolution would not be in our knowledge. Ultimately, these mean that books have long been our main source of information. read more »

3 Best Resource Sites for Author Hopefuls

The 3 Rules of Writing

As an aspiring author, you’re excited to take the next step into making your dream come true. Whether you’re still pondering on what story to pursue, or already on the verge of getting your book out there, you can find help almost everywhere. There are books you can check regarding writing and publishing. Those already offer a lot especially as they’re written by your soon-to-be colleagues. There are also websites that really help, since they provide an in-depth look into read more »

Great Author Websites You’ll Definitely Learn From

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Authors make themselves known through the literary pieces they so proudly present to the world. With their published works, readers are given both a look at the surface and further into these artists’ views. Readers grasp how they see, think, and feel life, especially as they draw worlds of their own design. In the world of books, readers are engrossed the universe authors have created, all the while fascinated by the creativity that these artists express. Thus, a special bond read more »

Best Single-Page Websites You Need To Visit

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The internet is the most powerful platform technology has offered in terms of connecting the individuals of the world. But there is still something more powerful than the internet: HTML 5. With the arrival of HTML5, sites are more developed as they cleverly mesh content and design in their presentation. And since the realization came regarding HTML’s might, people have learned how to take advantage of the language for the expression of their creativity, playfulness, and skill. HTML5 conversion has read more »

Explained: All Sorts of Book Genres

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 As budding authors and book aficionados, you probably have a favourite book genre that you can identify with. Whether to write about, or to read, there’s a wide array of book genres that you can choose from, depending on your mood or taste. And with epub conversion services being all the rage in the digital publishing world these days, you can enjoy your favourite book genres both on print and on your mobile device. But how many are there really? read more »

Into Self-editing? Here Are 6 Tips for You

Ebook Conversion Services - 6 Self-Editing Tips

Before your manuscript lands on the hands of a publisher or on the desk of Ebook conversion services, you have to make sure it’s perfectly presentable, don’t you? It has to be in its best shape, just as how you would present yourself to them. You may opt to seek for the services of a professional editor, although the idea of paying a fee might also reduce that to a maybe. Now while you’re still making up your mind, editing read more »

5 Simple Websites and What They Did Best

Flash to HTML5 Conversion - 5 Simple Websites and What They Did Best

As the people of today click and go, it has become a common feat to conveniently cross borders and timelines. It’s traveling through no page of a boarding pass, but a page of another sort—of a website. Through the sites of the web , anyone who wants to express himself can easily be reached by another who shares the same ideals and ideas. Know the only thing that means? Your site has to be perfect. No pressure. Websites are just read more »

The Pros and Cons of a Single-Page Website

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Single-page websites began popping up in 2013 and have become increasingly popular since then. As the name implies, single-page sites display all content on just one HTML page, which is typically segmented into sections, instead of directing users to different pages through links. Single-page websites can also be created using all types of web development methods, including JavaScript, CSS3, jQuery, Ajax and some through Flash to HTML5 conversion. Is a single-page website right for you, though? Here are some of read more »

What To Look For When Scouting An Editor For Your Book

EPUB Conversion Services - What To Look For In Editor

Book writing goes beyond just finishing a manuscript and submitting it for publishing consideration. Given the volume of proposals they receive in a short time, legitimate publishers will accept only manuscripts of high quality.

Take A Bow: What Flash Did For Websites Before HTML5 Got The Hype

Flash To HTML5 Conversion - What Flash Did Before HTML5

In its heyday, Flash ruled the web by introducing fun, creative ways to market brands and share information. Despite its crazy load time in a time of slow Internet connections, users were willing to give their time to load funny videos and play games based on Flash. It is certainly something that has left its mark on the digital world. These days, however, Flash’s inability to adapt to the mobile culture has left it standing on what may be its read more »