Prose vs. Poetry: Why A Lot of People Confuse One with the Other

Shakespeare in Love

In school, we were given a lot of reading materials that show what poetry and prose is. This was a time when we were introduced to John Milton, John Keats, Miguel de Cervantes or Gabriel Garcia Marquez. These works are even available to us almost anywhere we go: in school libraries, books in educational publishing services, or sometimes in our own homes. Still, people often interchange prose and poetry. It’s quite understandable because both literary expressions have similarities, but they read more »

“They Did This and That”: Screenplay Writing 101


    There are readily available ebook publishing software and ebook conversion services for anyone who aspires to write, it’s not surprising that there are various determined writers producing scripts left and right. But writing screenplays is one of many frustrations of a writer. The time to write and actually finish one screenplay takes months, years even, since it’s a collaborative work in which it goes through tons of editing and is rewritten as many times as it needs to have read more »

From Once Upon a Time to Happily Ever After: How to Write the Perfect Ending

Ending a Story

From books that we’ve read when we were toddlers to those that we read now, there have been countless of book endings that have made an impact on us. Some of these endings have resonated within us so much so that it changed how we lived our life and how we treat others. As a writer, our endings can come from many sources. There are writers who have incorporated their personal experiences in the endings, while some browse through books read more »

“Well, That Escalated Quickly!” The Secret to Creating Effective Story Conflicts

Stormlight Archive Conflict

Conflicts are the essence of a story. Pivotal moments and character developments happen when there is conflict, and this is how readers are carried throughout your story.  Storytellers make use of conflicts to engage readers and guide them towards the essence of your story. A good conflict need not be too theatrical or spectacular because some of the best conflicts are simple yet it holds so much depth that it engrosses the reader’s interest.  Especially if you’re a writer who read more »

“Thesis It!” How to Properly Review Related Literature

Thesis making

In doing research papers, the “Review of Related Literature” part often confuses students. There are a lot of formats on how to write these, that’s why it’s easy for researchers to panic when they get to this chapter of their paper. Everyone has educational publishing services to thank for a lot of format sources for related literature, especially when the search for relevant content gets really tough. Most of the time, you really should look for related literature in libraries read more »

Let Literature Creep into Your Dreams: 4 Best Magical Realism Books

Magic Realism

When we read stories and novels, we often let ourselves be taken away to a world we’ve never known—places that we’ve always longed to be in. Writers seem to have that uncanny ability to make their readers dive deeper down the realms of the story. But what happens when reality is creatively fused with fiction? Surely you have already encountered a lot of stories like this which are readily available over the Internet through eBook conversion services. It becomes extra read more »

“What’s Your Source?” 6 Trusted Sites for Research Journals

Researching Resources

Looking for reliable materials over the Internet for that research work you’re doing takes a great deal of effort. Since there are a lot of resources available online, the search for reliable ones could be quite tricky. It’s a good thing that educational publishing services exist to help us out with this, though sometimes, we tend to look for sources in all the wrong places. That’s why we’re here to help you banish those research blues away! Read on for read more »

The Difference between Speculative Fiction and Science Fiction

Speculative Fiction

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, you’re sure to have been a fan of stories that stimulate your imagination and tap the detective in you. You may even have complete volumes of these kinds of novels in your library or online shelves, thanks to educational publishing services. But did you know that there are actually two genres that are almost the same, but are entirely different in terms of context and structure? If you often wonder what the differences read more »

“What’s Your Source?” 3 Popular Bibliography Formats for Your Academic Paper


Writing theses and academic papers entail a lot of in-depth research before it can be considered as legitimate and reliable. Getting accurate information from various sources is very vital—the more sources you have, the better. The best ones to get data from are scholarly books and articles that can be acquired through educational publishing services or in libraries. However, it can become problematic for students when they are not able to cite their sources properly because they do not know read more »

The More, the Merrier: Writing Communities to Join in the Internet

Writing Community

When writing a personal and deep piece, we often prefer to write alone so we could be more focused and concentrated on our work. We have that natural need for solace when under the influence of our craft, and nothing compares to the effect that it has on our writing. Though this is effective, times have changed. With the advent of advanced writing tools like online journal generators and eBook conversion services, a more pleasant and enjoyable environment has been read more »