Diaries, Journals, and Blogs: 3 Great Writing Platforms We Have Today

Pen, Notebook, and Keyboard

When it comes to writing platforms, you have three options: diaries, journals, and blogs. Each of these can be made available online via different kinds of services such as educational publishing, PDF to ePub conversion, and many more. And they can also be printed into hardcopies for anyone who prefers reading straight from paper. But despite their similarities, these writing platforms have its own specialties, making them useful for specific things though not in certain other areas. Read below to know more.

‘Cause Talk Ain’t Cheap! How to Write Great Dialogues for Your Fictional Characters


Aside from the main plot and the characters, another element that makes stories and books wonderful is the dialogues. Whether it’s printed or a soft copied via ebook conversion services, your literary masterpiece just won’t sell without good interaction among its personalities. So how do you make an effective dialogue for your story? Read below to find out!

What’s in the Name? The Pros and Cons of Donning Pen Names

Pen Names

Writers donning pseudonyms isn’t exactly unheard of. In fact, there are lots of writers and publishers, even those that use educational publishing services, who sport a pen name or two. Whatever their reasons are, using pen names brings forth many pros and cons. A few are listed below:

Famous People Who Kept Diaries—And Reaped the Rewards!

Anaïs Nin

There are many diaries out there that have been published and sold in bookstores. Some of it might’ve even undergone ebook conversion services to make it available to online audiences! And while many find the habit of keeping private journals too tedious (partially because it makes you relive some of your bad moments but mainly due to the time and effort needed to write every tiny detail of your life), it nevertheless offers some great benefits. Below are a few well-known individuals who learned that.

4 Great eBook Readers You Can Install on Your Smartphone

Google Play Books

Books are good to bring around with you to enjoy and learn wherever you go. Unfortunately, they can also be quite heavy and big, making it difficult for us to carry more than two at any given time. Good thing there are now technologies such as Flash to HTML5 conversion and e-book conversion services that gave us the digitally published materials we have today, saving you from the hassles that come along with bringing hard copies of your beloved bestsellers, as you can now read them from your light and pocket-sized smartphone.

Based on True Stories: Preparing yourself on Writing a Non-Fiction Story

Pen and Paper Wallpaper

Non-fiction is a kind of story where the writer or author assumes responsibility for the truth and accuracy of the events, people, and information presented. And there have been a lot of non-fictional pieces out there, performed on stage, shown on the silver screen, published as hard copy books, and even turned into ebooks via ebook conversion services.

10 Really Great Tips on Writing Academic Papers

academic paper draft

School is once again open and thus begins another academic year rife with academic papers left, right, and center. And although this is most applicable for students in their last year at school, even non-graduating students would need to submit some sort of paperwork to pass a subject or two. In any case, better make sure to remember the following tips if you want to produce an excellent academic paper. Who knows? Your paper may be converted from flash to HTML5 in the future – allowing it to be more accessible for other students!

3 More Rules You Should Follow When Writing a SciFi Novel

Sci Fi Planet

Last month, we shared four rules that you should follow when writing a science fiction novel. Just to refresh your minds about it, these are the following rules: (1) Diversity plays an essential role in a world, (2) Avoid creating a Mary Sue and a Gary Stu, (3) Science fiction has reality in it, and (4) Aliens are aliens. But guess what? There are actually more to rules that you should know about!

5 Reasons Why It’s Great to Write Using Fountain Pens

fountain pens

Whenever we type something on our laptops, especially fictions and novels, we can’t help but use fancy fonts. And we wish that we can use these fancy fonts as we use flash to HTML5 conversion techniques. But what if we just write first by hand? We can totally say that the best writing medium that you can use is a fountain pen. And here’s why.

Writing like a Pro: How to Connect with your Audience

Connect with your Audience

While it is true that not everyone can be a writer in the technical sense, everyone can at least be good at creating stories of their own. For this to happen, one must be able to build a solid connection with his/her intended audience, perhaps through generating animation through Flash to HTML5 Conversion or the traditional way of writing and publishing.