“What’s Your Source?” 3 Popular Bibliography Formats for Your Academic Paper


Writing theses and academic papers entail a lot of in-depth research before it can be considered as legitimate and reliable. Getting accurate information from various sources is very vital—the more sources you have, the better. The best ones to get data from are scholarly books and articles that can be acquired through educational publishing services or in libraries. However, it can become problematic for students when they are not able to cite their sources properly because they do not know read more »

The More, the Merrier: Writing Communities to Join in the Internet

Writing Community

When writing a personal and deep piece, we often prefer to write alone so we could be more focused and concentrated on our work. We have that natural need for solace when under the influence of our craft, and nothing compares to the effect that it has on our writing. Though this is effective, times have changed. With the advent of advanced writing tools like online journal generators and eBook conversion services, a more pleasant and enjoyable environment has been read more »

Beat Writer’s Block! 7 Sites for Writing Prompts

Perks of Being a Wallflower

As a writer, you often get too caught up in the moment that you don’t know what to write anymore. You run out of creative juices and you get so frustrated because you can’t get your message across. You go through all relevant books that you have, even the ones that you got by means of educational publishing services for reinforcements. Now, you have decided that writer’s block is your sworn enemy. But don’t worry—even renowned writers from all over read more »

More Tips on Writing Effective Dialogues for Your Characters

Blank Comic Bubble

Dialogues are what make a story colorful, aside from the plot itself. The stronger the interaction between your characters, the better your piece would be. They are the ones that will hook your readers and make them follow your story up until the end. The majority of fictional books, be it those sold in bookstores or acquired through e-Book conversion services, all have dialogues. Basically, a story won’t progress without creating meaningful conversations between your characters. So here’s rundown of read more »

“Legit Story, Bro!” 4 Creative Non-Fiction Authors

Creative Non-Fiction Writers

There is an unexplainable flair in stories that are based on real people’s lives. In a society and culture where make-believe concepts are a big hit, non-fiction is a bit underrated. Real life stories and insights are seldom put to the spotlight—but the authenticity these non-fiction authors write are undeniably literary works of art in their own right. Since the word “creative” is attached to non-fiction, one might expect that it’s not just a simple recollection of thoughts and events. read more »

“Keep Calm and Write On!” Benefits of Freewriting to Develop Creative Ideas


There are times when you just have no idea what to write and your mind is as blank as the empty piece of paper or document in front of you. You’ve been staring at it for ages, yet you still can’t squeeze out even a drop of your creative juices. This becomes your dilemma every time you try to sit down and write something good, and sometimes you just want to give up because nothing brilliant comes to you. If read more »

Declassified School Guide: Writing the Perfect Essay

Essay Writing

  For some, writing essays can be very tedious, while for others, they can do it with their eyes closed. There are many misconceptions concerning essays—one of which is that it’s just random writing of rants and opinions. However, this is not the case because apparently, you also have to follow some rules in order for you to write substantial content for your essay. Through essays, your written English skills and originality would be put to the test so it read more »

“To Isengard!” Tips for Writing Fantasy Novels

Writing Fantasy Novels

Most of the time, we want to be kids-at-heart. We often wish that we could go back in time when we were kids, sleeping to bedtime stories and lullabies. We want to retrace our steps and relive the days when we had absolutely nothing to worry about—except maybe what toy to bring when you’re playing outside. In this day and age when journals turned to blogs and book publishing became eBook conversion services, many drastic changes have taken place in read more »

Diaries, Journals, and Blogs: 3 Great Writing Platforms We Have Today

Pen, Notebook, and Keyboard

When it comes to writing platforms, you have three options: diaries, journals, and blogs. Each of these can be made available online via different kinds of services such as educational publishing, PDF to ePub conversion, and many more. And they can also be printed into hardcopies for anyone who prefers reading straight from paper. But despite their similarities, these writing platforms have its own specialties, making them useful for specific things though not in certain other areas. Read below to know more.

‘Cause Talk Ain’t Cheap! How to Write Great Dialogues for Your Fictional Characters


Aside from the main plot and the characters, another element that makes stories and books wonderful is the dialogues. Whether it’s printed or a soft copied via ebook conversion services, your literary masterpiece just won’t sell without good interaction among its personalities. So how do you make an effective dialogue for your story? Read below to find out!