Reading About Business Is My Business: 4 Entrepreneurial Books You Should Know

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  It’s never easy to run a business. That’s alright though, because difficult doesn’t mean impossible. Besides, there are many books that can teach you how to be a successful entrepreneur. And with the help of educational publishing services, getting a hold of these rich materials can be a breeze. So, what are you waiting for? Start reading about these books so you can start actually reading them and finally start running your near-future company. How to Win Friends and read more »

Read All Over the Net: Tips on Writing an Online Novel


Ever since the worldwide web became open to anyone who has the means to access it, the world of writing and publishing has been changed forever for better or worse. Because through the information superhighway, anyone who has wordsmithing skills and discipline can have his or her novel read by potentially millions of people without even printing on a single piece of paper. If you still don’t know how this can be done, then welcome to the 21st century, where read more »

4 Best Autobiographies Today


Fiction is nice to read, but there’s so much more to literature than just the world of the imagined. In fact, a lot of good literary works are nonfiction, writings  anchored on reality. And one of the most popular sub-genres of nonfiction is the autobiography, the lives and experiences of people that they wrote themselves. Whether you prefer hard copies or online educational publishing services, you’re going to enjoy and learn from reading about people’s anecdotes and perspectives. So, which read more »

Small Roles Matter: Understanding The Minor Character


Every character in a story plays an important role no matter how minor it is; that is why it’s important for writers to masterfully craft minor characters, as they, just like their major counterparts, serve important purposes as well. So, if you want your novel to become so successful that it’d need eBook conversion services, here are some few tips to follow regarding the minor characters in your work. The Air Around You While it’s possible to make a story read more »

Not on Paper: Words To Eliminate From Your Writing


It’s important for a writer to have a wide vocabulary. However, just because you have an impressive repertoire of terminologies doesn’t mean that you should use all of them. In fact, some, if not a lot of them, shouldn’t be found in your written works — not even once. Whether your work is a novel or is something for educational publishing services, take note of these words that shouldn’t be in your works in the first place. Very To be read more »

In Love After All These Years: Tips for Writing Romance


A lot of people are bitter towards love and disheartened towards love stories, whether they’re in print form or produced via e-book conversion services. Two people, falling head-over-heels with each other in the most ridiculous of ways, telling each other the stupidest, cheesiest lines – they think it’s a load of lies. Pretty disheartening if you’re aspiring to surpass Nicholas Sparks, right? Well, don’t worry, because when done right and fresh, the romance genre can be entertaining, impart insights, and read more »

Once Upon A Dream: Writing for Children 101


If you tell people you’re writing a children’s story or book, a lot of them would say that it’s a piece of cake; some of them would even claim that they too can easily make one. Well, maybe they can because you can too, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a walk in the park. This is because children, despite being simple and easy to understand, are deeper and smarter than a lot of people give them credit read more »

3 Things Publishers Can Learn from Oyster Books’s Death

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Oyster Books, the New York based start-up, may very well be the great treasure chest of books, electronic publishing, and educational publishing services. So it comes off as no surprise when it gained a great number of audiences.

The 4 Essential Habits of Aspiring Scriptwriters


Screenwriters have a certain techniques that help them improve their craft. It is not just about studying and taking down the notes of each element of a story. It also takes a lot of discipline to get that creative juice flowing so that they will never encounter another writer’s block – the very road block that is a challenge to all of us aspiring writers.