It’s Okay; It Happens: Dealing with Rejection


Rejection is a sad but an unavoidable part of life. And because of its inevitability, people must learn how to face it, especially writers, as this profession is filled with a lot of competition as well as publishers and editors with high standards. If you’re going through a heartbreaking rejection because your work wasn’t accepted for eBook conversion services, here are some steps on how you can deal with it. Don’t Give Up After receiving a big fat “no” or read more »

Grimm Happenings: The Truth About Fairy Tale


“And they lived happily ever after”, said the narrator at the end of every fairy tale. Well, not all fairy tales have a joyous conclusion; some of those who do have a morbid thing or two going on anywhere in the story. The Grimm Brothers don’t have to rise from the grave and ask for ePub conversion services for you to find out how fairy tales truly turned out, because here are some examples of what truly happened in the read more »

Make it Quick: Flash Fiction 101


Novels are extremely rewarding to read, but there are times when people just don’t have enough time to absorb the style of the author, the flow of the narrative, and the weight of the atmosphere. Heck, they can even be so busy that a short story may seem too long. Thankfully, there’s a genre that can satisfy your writing cravings without taking up much of the much-needed time of your readers. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for flash fiction. read more »

Don’t Be A Scrooge: Best Presents for Writers


  Not a lot of people personally know a writer and the people who usually know one find them mysterious, eccentric, or unpredictable; that is why they don’t know what to give them as a gift for Christmas. Well, how about free ePub conversion services? That’s a good start, but how about things both closer to their heart and to their craft? If you don’t have a good idea what to give, even if you’re a writer yourself, then that’s read more »

So You Wanna Get Published? The Best Ebook Platforms

ebook platforms

  You’ve finally managed to finish that novel you’ve been working on for many months already. Now that’s done, it’s on to the next step —sending it forth to the world by publishing, of course. What was that? You neither have connections nor money to have your work printed out? That’s alright, because eBook platforms are there to the rescue. And the best part? They come with free eBook conversion services. There is a wide plethora of eBooks to choose read more »

Reading About Business Is My Business: 4 Entrepreneurial Books You Should Know

Business books with money

  It’s never easy to run a business. That’s alright though, because difficult doesn’t mean impossible. Besides, there are many books that can teach you how to be a successful entrepreneur. And with the help of educational publishing services, getting a hold of these rich materials can be a breeze. So, what are you waiting for? Start reading about these books so you can start actually reading them and finally start running your near-future company. How to Win Friends and read more »

Read All Over the Net: Tips on Writing an Online Novel


Ever since the worldwide web became open to anyone who has the means to access it, the world of writing and publishing has been changed forever for better or worse. Because through the information superhighway, anyone who has wordsmithing skills and discipline can have his or her novel read by potentially millions of people without even printing on a single piece of paper. If you still don’t know how this can be done, then welcome to the 21st century, where read more »

4 Best Autobiographies Today


Fiction is nice to read, but there’s so much more to literature than just the world of the imagined. In fact, a lot of good literary works are nonfiction, writings  anchored on reality. And one of the most popular sub-genres of nonfiction is the autobiography, the lives and experiences of people that they wrote themselves. Whether you prefer hard copies or online educational publishing services, you’re going to enjoy and learn from reading about people’s anecdotes and perspectives. So, which read more »

Small Roles Matter: Understanding The Minor Character


Every character in a story plays an important role no matter how minor it is; that is why it’s important for writers to masterfully craft minor characters, as they, just like their major counterparts, serve important purposes as well. So, if you want your novel to become so successful that it’d need eBook conversion services, here are some few tips to follow regarding the minor characters in your work. The Air Around You While it’s possible to make a story read more »

Not on Paper: Words To Eliminate From Your Writing


It’s important for a writer to have a wide vocabulary. However, just because you have an impressive repertoire of terminologies doesn’t mean that you should use all of them. In fact, some, if not a lot of them, shouldn’t be found in your written works — not even once. Whether your work is a novel or is something for educational publishing services, take note of these words that shouldn’t be in your works in the first place. Very To be read more »