“SPi Global Presents!” The SOCAP International Annual Conference 2014

The SOCAP International Annual Conference 2014

It is an understatement to say that it’s only helpful for companies to understand and address their customers’ needs and concerns. It is imperative. That is why, in this day and age, companies are structuring their business strategies and models based on what they know of their customers. Each company has its own way of seeing to its customers. Some are instantly successful, while some have to play with their strategies a few times before they get it right. SPi read more »

Applying for a Call Center Job? Here are 5 Essential Skills you Need to Possess

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Agents of helpdesk services assume the vital role in representing the company for its support and monitoring responsibilities. It’s either you gain your customers’ loyalty and trust or you disappoint them and probably lose them forever. So if you wish to apply as a call center agent, you have to be confident that you have this essential set of skills. Communication Skills As a call center agent, having the capability to deliver clearly what you need to say is a read more »

“SOLD!” 5 Secrets to Crafting a Compelling Sales Pitch

Business Idea

People don’t always base their purchasing decision on how great a product looks or how many commercials of it they’ve seen. In most cases, people buy based on logic—through hearing out what others have to say about the product and then mixing it up with their own emotional feedback. This is why great salespeople are constantly trying to formulate the perfect sales pitch to capture the heart of each potential customer. In this post, we’ll discuss five secrets to creating read more »

The 5 Greatest Salespeople Ever – and What We can Learn from Them

Dale Carnegie

There are people who are just naturally great at selling, and they all share defining traits that establish their skill and success. By their techniques, attitudes and approaches, they build a philosophy that others look up to as the best examples of excellence. In this post, we’ll discuss the unique aspects of five legendary salespeople and why they should be household names among the agents of your sales support. Dale Carnegie Dale Breckenridge Carnegie began his career selling products and read more »

Back-to-Basics! 5 Books about Customer Service that you Need to Read


As we continue to delve deeper into the Internet Age, digital alternatives and technological advancements have ushered in brand new strategies applied by helpdesk services on a global scale. And while some of these fresh methods have changed the way the industry is approached, some of the most basic principles are what keep companies afloat. So in this edition of Back-to-Basics, we’ll take a look at 5 books that we believe should be at the shelf of every customer support read more »

The Pros and Cons of Web Chat Customer Support

Web Chat

With the Internet providing a number of new feats man can possess, tasks are made easier to achieve. Such can be said about customer support, especially with the arrival of web chat. Web chat mainly aims to expose a company’s helpdesk services to the Internet market. With that, it becomes more accessible. It may not be your option for now, but that’s because you are unsure of its benefits and downsides. You have to learn them, and these are the read more »

Cross Channel Communication: How can It Help your Sales Team?

Cross-Channel Communication

Cross channel communication is an approach to optimize corporate revenues and boost operating performance through customer-focused messages across all available networks on a unified platform. Thus, integrated messaging can be made accessible in all sorts of online tools such as E-mail, direct mail, social media, texting, bill messages and so on. In cross channel communication, each message reinforces the next one, calling the target audience to take action. The result is a choreographed, orchestrated, and personalized marketing strategy. Hence, this read more »

Back-to-Basics! The Four Fundamentals of Successful Customer Retention

Customer Retention

Customers are the jewel of every company. They define every aspect of the company from form to function. Even the company’s strategies depend primarily on the customers. Without them giving the company hints on what they want, the company has no way of knowing what to do. So as a solution, they reach out. Online platforms such as social media and company forums continue to usher in boatloads of data for CRM Analytics while internal operations are also enhanced for read more »

Know thy Customer: Apply CRM Analytics Now!


A company and all its members should always be in touch with their customers. Understanding their concerns must be of utmost importance for company executives and leaders, considering factors of overall satisfaction and key customer care call center profitability. It is for this reason that managers track the developments of his team’s operations by answering questions like “Are the agents able to handle irritated customers correctly?” “Are we constantly innovating according to the trends and developing technologies?” “Is the Customer read more »

Outsourcing 101: 5 Ways to Effectively Motivate Your Offshore Team

Offshore Team

If you’re one of the managers of a company that offers call center outsourcing, you’ve probably wondered how you can successfully motivate your offshore team. This is a legitimate concern, for it is indeed difficult to keep people passionate about their work when you don’t even have face-to-face interaction with them. Linda Lucas, a psychologist from the New-York based Lucas Research International, asserts that “human resources, and not technology, are a company’s prime asset.” Thus, it is essential to invest read more »