Call Center Life: 5 Things People in the Night Shift Relate to

Working Late

Because most people are awake during the day, there’s no doubt that many would be intrigued by the lifestyle of those who work the night shift. Customer Service never sleeps, so whether you’re a nurse, hotel concierge, or personal for helpdesk services, there are surely some things about your work routine that only fellow Night Owls will understand. Here are the five that tops our list: You’re going home when everyone’s off to work, and vice versa Since night and read more »

The Agent’s Guide to Surviving Shifting Schedules

Shifting Schedules

Adaptation isn’t always easy, but it is a fact of life. This is especially true if your job is a round-the-clock responsibility. After all, just because you’re a morning person doesn’t mean you’ll be spared from having to take the night shift and vice versa, so you better learn how to adjust. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a customer service representative or under helpdesk services – you’re going to have to go through some changes in schedule. With that in read more »

“Like a Boss!” Steps in Resolving Issues with Just One Call

Harvey Specter

Despite the fact that we are in the Internet Age, a lot of people still prefer calling customer services instead of going for E-mail or chat support. This is because a live conversation is still the most effective and most personal way to ask and receive help. However, it can also be a long and cumbersome process. Because a phone call between a customer and representative can be tedious and difficult, those in call center outsourcing services should make it read more »

“Time’s A-Wastin’!” Common Reasons Why Employees Exceed Breaks

Lunch Breaks

Comprised of accountants, human resources managers, and IT specialists, the members of the back office are truly the unsung heroes of many companies. Providing quality back office services can take a toll on one’s mind and body, which is why employees cherish the Golden Hour of Freedom that is lunch breaks. While it’s true that a good meal or a quick nap can turn a stressful day into a productive one, some workers tend to embrace their breaks more than others, read more »

Silver Tongue: Timeless Tips on How Sales Reps can Convince Customers

Jerry Maguire

Picture this – you are in the mall to buy some wants you’ve been saving up for. You pass this little stall selling something interesting. However, you have no plans of purchasing that item… until you got talked into it. How did that happen? How did he do it? You wonder; you just have to know – especially if you’re in the sales support services industry. If you need to learn the know-hows in sales talk, here are some tips read more »

Customer Care 101: 5 Tips that will Prevent Escalation


You just finished an interaction with a caller, which ends with the customer being completely satisfied with your service. Now it’s time for the next one, so say your spiel, ask for the caller’s name – you know the drill. Don’t worry; you’ll handle it just as smoothly as the last one. Except you don’t. One thing led to another, and next thing you know the customer is already pissed, asking for the manager. You don’t want that to happen read more »

The Voice of Reason: How to Deal with Impossible Requests

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort

If you work in call center outsourcing services and receive a buck every time you hear the saying “the customer is always right”, you’d probably would have more than enough money to quit your job. And rightly so, for customers’ complaints and requests are valid most of the time. But what if there’s a situation where the customer isn’t exactly right no matter how you look at it? Fret not, for here are some tips to help you walk the read more »

Temper, Temper! Keeping your Patience with Customers

Call Center Agent

When someone is hopelessly irritating us, we’re told to simply ignore that person. Just let it go, because it’s not worth your time, effort, brain cells, and blood pressure. But what if you’re dealing with a customer, someone you absolutely have to deal with? Since you can’t just walk away, you’re going to have to grin and bear it. So whether you’re a customer service representative or under helpdesk services, here are some tips to help stop your patience from read more »

Achieving Work-Life Balance: Alternative Activities for Agents

Anchorman 2

The key to a good life is maintaining the balance of its many aspects. However, in this fast-paced day and age where focus is on work, such equilibrium is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve. Nevertheless, it is not impossible. Despite erratic schedules and overtime, there are still ways to unwind. So whether you’re an IT personnel or under helpdesk services, here are some activities that can help you take a step back from work and enjoy your personal life. Read read more »

Customer Care 101: 5 Reasons for Establishing Rapport

Human Connection

It’s not an easy feat to establish rapport, especially when you’re over the phone. However, just because it’s quite challenging doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a shot. You can build rapport through simple gestures such as talking in an empathic manner, matching a person’s cadence, and asking a simple question that shows concern.  This way, you can show the caller that you are worth his trust and time. So whether you’re a part of sales support service or tech read more »