Back-to-Basics! 5 Reasons Why you should Take Quality Assurance Seriously

Quality Assurance

A new year is about to begin, which means you have 365 more days to do your part in improving the company’s status. But how exactly can you tell if you’ve been progressing in the right direction or falling behind with the increasing workload and advancing trends? Through the power of QA, or more popularly known as Quality Assurance. The importance of Quality Assurance is so undeniable to every large company that it doesn’t matter if you’re part of the read more »

The Agent’s Guide to Dealing with Negative Feedback

Negative Feedback

Nobody’s perfect. Even if you have accepted this fact for yourself, you will still be taken aback whenever you handle negative feedback the wrong way. Don’t put yourself down during these instances since it’s a part of human nature. Instead, make the most of your seemingly dire situations by perceiving negative criticisms as another stepping stone for improvement. We know that working for a customer care call center is no easy profession. The road to customer satisfaction is paved with read more »

Back-to-Basics! 4 Ways to Promote Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

When people have product problems they don’t know how to deal with, they usually call customer service for some much needed guidance. However, little do they know that there are a lot of instances where issues are resolved through shared effort between the customer and the representative. Because of this fact, it is important for people in the BPO industry, whether they are in tech support or sales support services, to promote customer engagement. The following are a handful of read more »

4 Reasons why your Team should have Its Own Christmas Party

Office Party

Company-wide Christmas parties are usually packed, extravagant, and exciting. However, they’re not exactly the most intimate of events. Sure, the fellas from helpdesk services will get the chance to personally greet the unsung heroes of the back office, but shyness caused by bigger crowds can hinder the potential for some real fun. So even when the company party is over, don’t pop the balloons just yet. You might want to set up a smaller gathering reserved for your own team. read more »

Beyond the Bonus: Additional Reasons to Keep you Motivated this Holiday Season


The holidays is a time of sharing, shopping, and splurging. However, despite all those festive activities, it is still a time to exercise your expertise at work. After all, you’re still going to be compensated. In fact, you’ll receive a significantly larger amount thanks to all the year-end bonuses. However, your reason for being an outstanding employee shouldn’t be limited with just that. There should be a deeper drive behind your dedication. So whether you’re in sales, customer service, or read more »

Stepping It Up: 5 Signs that you’re Ready to be a Team Lead

Ron Burgundy

There are those in customer care call center industry, or any other BPO services, who are content with just being a team member. After all, climbing up the ladder would mean more responsibilities, which in turn would mean more headaches. At the same time, there are plenty who are more than willing to step up to the plate even though it would entail greater hardships. If you think that the latter perfectly describes you, then congratulations! However, willingness is not read more »

Call Center Life: 5 Things People in the Night Shift Relate to

Working Late

Because most people are awake during the day, there’s no doubt that many would be intrigued by the lifestyle of those who work the night shift. Customer Service never sleeps, so whether you’re a nurse, hotel concierge, or personal for helpdesk services, there are surely some things about your work routine that only fellow Night Owls will understand. Here are the five that tops our list: You’re going home when everyone’s off to work, and vice versa Since night and read more »

The Agent’s Guide to Surviving Shifting Schedules

Shifting Schedules

Adaptation isn’t always easy, but it is a fact of life. This is especially true if your job is a round-the-clock responsibility. After all, just because you’re a morning person doesn’t mean you’ll be spared from having to take the night shift and vice versa, so you better learn how to adjust. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a customer service representative or under helpdesk services – you’re going to have to go through some changes in schedule. With that in read more »

“Like a Boss!” Steps in Resolving Issues with Just One Call

Harvey Specter

Despite the fact that we are in the Internet Age, a lot of people still prefer calling customer services instead of going for E-mail or chat support. This is because a live conversation is still the most effective and most personal way to ask and receive help. However, it can also be a long and cumbersome process. Because a phone call between a customer and representative can be tedious and difficult, those in call center outsourcing services should make it read more »

“Time’s A-Wastin’!” Common Reasons Why Employees Exceed Breaks

Lunch Breaks

Comprised of accountants, human resources managers, and IT specialists, the members of the back office are truly the unsung heroes of many companies. Providing quality back office services can take a toll on one’s mind and body, which is why employees cherish the Golden Hour of Freedom that is lunch breaks. While it’s true that a good meal or a quick nap can turn a stressful day into a productive one, some workers tend to embrace their breaks more than others, read more »