The Ultimate Must Have Qualities of a Modern Employee

modernfinalWork is not the same as it used to be and we are seeing dramatic changes in both behavior and technology. And now as the world of work continues to develop, so do the qualities and characteristics of the employees. Whether you’re into helpdesk services

Work is not the same as it used to be and we are seeing dramatic changes in both behavior and technology. And now as the world of work continues to develop, so do the qualities and characteristics of the employees. Whether you’re into helpdesk services or in other professions, it is evident that when it comes to work, embracing change is the only means of survival. So how do you fully gear up for this venture of building your career read more »

5 Top Qualities of a Call Center Agent You Should Possess


Helpdesk services are filled with excellent and proficient call center agents who satisfy the needs of the customers; it is expected of them to provide top quality performance because it is the very foundation of customer support. As such it is required for them to have qualities that are befitting the criteria and standard of an efficient call center agent. So what makes a good call center agent? Below is a list of the top qualities you should possess in order read more »

The Dummies Guide to Consultative Selling


Consultative selling is one of the best forms of any marketing strategy and as a matter of fact it is already a household word used in customer support businesses such as sales support services. In simple terms, it is the approach used in selling wherein the customers’ needs are used as the basis for the sales dialogue. The key to fully unleash the power of consultative selling is to sell the way your customer wants to buy, not the way read more »

4 Creative Ways to Beat Boredom at Work


Of all the many things people encounter at work, the biggest may simply be getting through the day. No matter what industry you work in, there is definitely at least one occurrence of you getting bored; it’s normal, psychology has acknowledged it. Attention greatly influences the process of becoming bored. As a matter of fact, research has stated that jobs requiring attention and focus on a given time frame are more prone to get their people bored like for example, helpdesk read more »

4 Tips in Creating an Effective Sales Survey


Good customer support services listen to the concerns, demands and suggestions of their customers. As an enterprise relying heavily on customer satisfaction, taking feedback and implementing essential changes to meet the needs of the customers is a must. Sales survey is a vital factor in every type of business and  in sales support services, the use of it has become very beneficial to the sales force. There are different variations of a sales survey, from pre-sales to follow-up surveys. For read more »

Busted! Debunking Call Center Industry Myths

Call center

Like in any other industry, customer support businesses are clouded with myths that are hilarious and off putting. It’s quite a shame such notions about an enterprise that helps give quality customer experience gets to be tainted by nonsensical and illogical myths especially since in reality, customer support like helpdesk services has become the cornerstone for customer strategies. So to set the record straight, here are ­call center myths that are just in no way factual at all. Myth: Call read more »

5 Types of Employees You Shouldn’t Look Up To


  In any given industry, employees are expected to give their utmost effort, especially in customer support businesses like helpdesk services or sales support services; there is a big expectation for them to always excel in work. The inevitable can happen and for some reason, there are employees who can drive their bosses’ nuts because of their inapt work ethics. If you know someone personally with the same trait then it would be best to not follow in their footsteps read more »

3 Solutions to Common Customer Service Mistakes


Positive customer experiences generate business growth and opportunity. Negative customer experiences, on the other hand, can bring a host of problems for the business. Everyone knows this notion and yet there is an astounding number of businesses and companies who treat their customers poorly. It’s not hard to ensure positive customer service experience for as long as you can handle customers correctly. Customer satisfaction is one of the biggest components to a successful business especially in helpdesk services; hence it read more »

The Worst Stress Management Advice You’ll Ever Hear


  Everyone responds to stress differently. Each person has their own coping mechanism when it comes to managing it but there are some who may feel like there’s nothing they can do about stress. Anyone can be a victim of this, like people who work in helpdesk services. Instead of taking it out on yourself, which can do more damage, here are some of the worst things people have recommended when it comes to stress management and the alternative or read more »

4 Simple Ways to Make the Best of Your CRM


Customer relationship management (CRM) has a vital role in your company’s path to success. The more effectively you integrate your customer based business processes with your CRM software, the quicker you achieve your goals. For example, helpdesk services also relies on using the best CRM applications to achieve quality customer satisfaction. There are a lot of things companies can do to improve their use and understanding of CRM systems. Here are a few simple ways to fully optimize your CRM’s system to read more »