Boost it Up! 4 Quick Ways to Improve Self Confidence

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Confidence is one of the many important things in order to succeed, and this can be observed on people in the sales support services department. The confidence that they may are projecting may be enviable – and that’s why we have listed different ways in which you can develop your self-confidence.   Learn how to groom yourself (And don’t forget to dress nicely) “If I look good then I feel good. An if I feel good, then I’ll fight good.” read more »

Fit and Fab: Easy to do Exercises in the Office


  Our bodies are fragile things that need a lot of exercise. Lack of exercise leads to the formation of body fats and weakening of muscles. Unfortunately, this is what happens when we are at work – where we sit for 8 hours or even more, barely moving in our seats. The good thing, though, is that some people, including those in sales support services, can turn to a few tricks for keep a fit and healthy body without sacrificing work read more »

Upbeat and Personal! Songs to keep you Awake at Work

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It is inevitable to feel the urge to go to sleep, especially in the afternoon right after lunch. You can just ask anyone, even the people in sales support services. But there are a lot of things that you can to shrug the Sandman away such as eating chips or drinking coffee, and taking a small walk. But others, especially those who couldn’t leave their work stations because they had a lot work to do, have another alternative to stay read more »

Time is Gold: Learning Time Management


  Each person has their own responsibilities and things to do, may it be schoolwork and projects or office work that you have to do together with other tasks assigned by the boss, as well as extra-curricular activities with yourself, or families and friends. Life is wonderful in that there is always so much to do – the only problem is not having enough time to do them. Many people from all walks of life have problem in this area. read more »

Helpdesk 101: 5 Ways to Get More Clients

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In this industry, it’s just natural to want more clients. In fact, getting more clients is probably the most important task in your day to day business. It’s not enough that you have helpdesk services for client concerns; you also need a dedicated team to collect leads and win more clients for your company. Here are a few ideas on how you can get more clients without having to jump through hoops.   Target a specific client base It may read more »

More than Just the Money: Important Benefits for Employees

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  Lots of fresh graduates are looking for jobs that will help them get ready for their futures. They apply in different industries, ranging from sales support services to all other industries. Unfortunately, fresh graduates often only consider the salary that they’d be getting once they become part of the company. But there is more than just that. Employees in general, especially fresh graduates who are looking for a job, should also consider the benefits that they’ll be getting or read more »

Work-Life Balance: Why Do You Need It?

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The concept of Work-Life balance focuses on the proper prioritizing of work and lifestyle. It is knowing how to juggle career and ambition and health, family, leisure, pleasure, and other lifestyle choices. However, not many of us are capable of doing this seamlessly. In fact, being unable to balance work and personal life is what causes unnecessary stress among many people. Lots of ‘hard-working’ people tend to shrug this off but the stress will catch up eventually if it is read more »

Level Up! How to Achieve Job Promotion


Each and every employee has the potential to be promoted – from human resources department to sales support services department. A promotion may be considered as one of the many milestones that anyone wants to achieve. Unfortunately, not everyone can be promoted. Why so? How can we get a promotion?   Do more than what is asked Volunteering or asking for more responsibilities whether in your department or other departments or teams increases one’s value within the organization. Volunteering shows read more »

Keep that Energy Up! Avoiding Sleepiness during Work

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We don’t need to watch films and television shows to see these creatures, as they run, or rather stay very still, in real life: sleepy employees. In fact, most of us are guilty of it ourselves! Much too often. Maybe far too often. Sleeping is inevitable, of course, as it is one of our body’s basic necessities. Unfortunately, there are times when this need becomes out of control because we feel drowsy and are tempted to sleep even at work. But how can read more »

5 Tips for Dealing with an Angry Boss


Everyone can get angry in a corporate setting – from customers, to workmates, and even the bosses. Dealing with an angry boss may be one of the most difficult experiences that one may encounter in one’s workplace. It is like being confronted with an angry parent or college professor, making you feel the one thing people don’t usually want to feel: incompetent. Sometimes its hard not to take offense, or not feel like we’re simply not good enough. However, just read more »