Keep that Energy Up! Avoiding Sleepiness during Work

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We don’t need to watch films and television shows to see these creatures, as they run, or rather stay very still, in real life: sleepy employees. In fact, most of us are guilty of it ourselves! Much too often. Maybe far too often. Sleeping is inevitable, of course, as it is one of our body’s basic necessities. Unfortunately, there are times when this need becomes out of control because we feel drowsy and are tempted to sleep even at work. But how can read more »

5 Tips for Dealing with an Angry Boss


Everyone can get angry in a corporate setting – from customers, to workmates, and even the bosses. Dealing with an angry boss may be one of the most difficult experiences that one may encounter in one’s workplace. It is like being confronted with an angry parent or college professor, making you feel the one thing people don’t usually want to feel: incompetent. Sometimes its hard not to take offense, or not feel like we’re simply not good enough. However, just read more »

Pitch’d Perfect: 5 Tips for Keeping that Voice Clear and Healthy

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The voice a very important tool and plays a great role in any work, ranging from help desk services to call center agents. One’s voice is not only used for chatting with friends or in singing your favorite song while you work (well, in some cases), but it is also useful in formal situations like making transactions, answering customers’ queries, and even in conversing with officemates regarding certain cases. Unfortunately, we often neglect the importance of our voices (figuratively and literally) read more »

Back-to-Basics! Identifying the Differences Between Help desk and Service desk

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If you’re currently in the market for new IT support software, you’re probably trying to figure out the differences between a help desk service and a service desk. Since it’s pretty common for these two terms interchangeably, you need to look deeper into the purpose of each before you can decide on which one would work best for your organization. Both terms may give you some form or a reference, but in order to make the right choice, you need read more »

Refresher Course: The Difference between Sales Support and Marketing

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  As sales support service providers, we often find ourselves caught up in the age old battle of Marketing vs. Sales.  While some industry experts believe that it’s marketing that eventually drives sales, there are those who firmly ascertain that sales can thrive without any help from marketing. Whatever your stand is on the matter, it’s always good to go back to the basics. Here’s a refresher course on the difference between marketing and sales support, and how you, as read more »

The Top 3 Trends in Call Center Services that will Improve Customer Care

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As pioneers of the call center outsourcing services industry, we face a new set of challenges that were pretty much unimaginable a couple of decades back.  Apart from agent training and phone system upgrades, we now have to find ways to deal with increased competition using multiple channels and following demanding metrics. Adapting to the changes in the industry can be quite a feat, but if you can stay up to date with the latest trends, it might just help read more »

Keep on Sellin’! Ways to Improve Sales Effectiveness

SPi CRM_Sales Team Effectiveness

Sales is one of the most crucial part of most companies’ operations. It is one of the reasons why companies attract clients. Unfortunately, sales can be unpredictable and can fluctuate in just a week. That is why companies avail different sales support services to improve their sales. But are there any other ways to improve sales aside from this? Here we’ve listed 6 ways to improve sales effectiveness. Proper Training and Execution The learning process does not end in the read more »

4 Common Office Problems and How to Deal with Them

SPi CRM_Common Office Problems

We face different problems every day – from simply choosing what to wear to deadlines we need to catch up to. Everyone experiences problems, most especially people working in the office. Here we’ve listed 4 of the most common office problems and we’ll give you tips on how to deal with them. Consult with your help desk services to find out what the corresponding consequences are for each. Discrimination Discrimination is one of the most common office problems one can read more »

5 Best Back Office Softwares to Use

Back Office Software Programs_SPi CRM

The back office is like a machine, it runs a lot of processes to help the company, but they need help for better performance. With the prominence of cloud-computing services, a host of organizations have relied on integrated back office service software programs to create and sustain various functions across different ends. What Are Back Office Services? Companies whose main line of business involve the financial sector are typically segmented into three: the front, middle and back office. Front office read more »

5 Essential Customer Service Skills Every Employee Should Have

Customer Service Skills

When you work in the business process outsourcing industry, particularly if it is customer care call center, you have to summon the most amount of humanity inside you. You get to greet about fifty random strangers on an average workday, talk to them, hear them out, and try to resolve their problems in the least possible amount of time. You have to relate with every small detail customers give, every slight worry, and every hint of a looming problem. Yes, read more »