Power Naps for Powerful Work: How Napping Boosts Your Brain

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Days at work could be sluggish and uneventful. Almost all of us encounter hours when we just want to sleep it all off and escape from our responsibilities. We feel tired and deprived of energy. A lot of employees are guilty of this and it seems like we are the ones in need of helpdesk services when these days come. For this reason, we often think that the only way to curb intense sleepiness at work is to take a read more »

Instawork: The Role of Social Media in the Workplace

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There used to be a thin but distinct line that separates your professional life at work and your social life on the Internet. As time went by, we have transitioned from one generation to another—our personalities, behaviors, and habits have changed. This includes our ability and desire to be up to date with trends and happenings from all over the world, even while in the workplace. A company’s principles often include effective communication between everybody involved, whether you’re holding an read more »

“Oooh, Burn!” How to Effectively Deal with Office Gossip

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You walk into your office in the morning like you usually do. You pass by the tables and booths of your workmates. Then, the room falls into an awkward silence. You look around and then realized something that you chose to ignore over the past few days. They’re talking about you. Whether you’re assigned in sales or helpdesk services, nothing ever guarantees that you will be spared from workplace gossip. The unfortunate ones who get bullied at work oftentimes have read more »

Bless the Mess: What the Clutter on Your Desk Says about You

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In the office, we all have our respective work stations, where we spend most of our hours. Oftentimes, the arrangement we make for our desks reflects what kind of professional attitude and personality we have. Some of us may want it tidy; others prefer a less-organized one, or maybe a desk that is not neat at all. Such is the case for any industry, even in helpdesk services when one is expected to have a neat table at all times. read more »

“Why Me?” 5 Reasons HR People are Tired of Hearing

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People in the Human Resources department are still victims of stereotypes and lame excuses. Their job description requires them to juggle a lot of responsibilities. Recruitment, payroll, benefits, employee relations—they actually have on their tray. Whatever the industry, be it in start-up companies or sales support services, an HR team is very essential. This group makes sure that positions are filled based on the necessary qualifications, and that the needs of employees are met. Because of their routine at work, read more »

Out the Door: Why Constant Complaining is Toxic for You and the Company

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Here’s a challenge for you: work for a week without a single complaint coming out of your mouth. Seems hard, right? Well, thinking about it alone is hard, because it’s basically impossible to go even a day without grumbling. It’s tough to accept how awful that stack of papers looks on your desk or how your boss is picking on you yet again. This can be especially true for people who specialize in sales support services, but the reality is read more »

Seeing Everyone Through: The Importance of Team Transparency

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If you were given the chance to lead a team of your own, how would you want things to be? Would you rather have a secretive bunch of people who don’t make an effort to reach out to everyone, or a group that strives to have a harmonious work relationship with one another? Transparency is important for sales support services, as it fosters trust and camaraderie within any group. It gives your employees the peace of mind that they need. read more »

Mid-year Motivation: How to Boost Your Team’s Performance for the Rest of 2015

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If there is one thing that you don’t want your employees to feel, it is stagnation. Come to think of it—they work for hours and could often have the tendency to be burned out if there is not enough reinforcement coming from you. And how can they offer effective sales support services if they themselves are not receiving enough support? The months are going by quickly, and before you know it 2015 is already over. So how exactly will you read more »

Watch Out: 4 Kinds of Unprofessional Posts You should NOT Post Online


Social networking sites are platforms for us to express our thoughts, feelings, photographs, things we like, works, and other personal things. We are given the freedom of speech and a way to broadcast it – doesn’t it feel great? However, take note that just because we’re technically ‘allowed’ to post something doesn’t mean we should. Even people who work in Sales Support Services learn how to control what they say, because there could be consequences if we don’t. As an read more »

12 Must Eat Foods to Increase Work Productivity

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There are times when we just sit in front of the computer and think that we are doing something, when in fact we aren’t being very productive at all. Maybe we’re unsure as to how to tackle all tasks at once. Maybe we just like to procrastinate. Or maybe it isn’t really our fault and it’s just because our brains can’t work properly at the time. Don’t worry, we can get it to work again. Aside from taking a quick powernap, it read more »