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Here is the universal goal of all businesses: to support customer needs through providing top-quality services or products. But as every goal demands, this too, needs time and effort before it is realized. Other than that, streamlined foolproof strategies boost a business in the race to the top. Business strategies are affected by several factors that play in the development of worldwide trends today. Digitalization is one such factor. With the integration of social media, smartphones, and mobile apps in read more »

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Economic strategies receive a greater boost from the steps customers take rather than those enterprises themselves do. So when a customer opts for the services of one company, it embraces a new goal: to keep this customer satisfied. Then every decision it makes is not only for itself but also for its customers. It cannot be stressed enough that customers define the company. This has led businesses into refining their customer relation strategies. SPi Global has spent more than 30 read more »

Outsourcing 101: 4 Websites for Improved Management of Your Remote Team

Remote Team Management

Thanks to advances in communication technology, people are now doing more with less effort and changing the world faster than ever. In business, nothing is more valuable than time. If you can do more using less time, you’ll have more time to correct mistakes and create more things. This is why the demand for outsourcing services such as call center outsourcing services get higher and higher every year. For outsourcing businesses, remote teams are valuable, for they advance the company’s read more »

The Top 5 Qualities of a Superior Sales Agent

Sales Agents

Sales agents are generally among the most unwelcome people on the planet. They never leave you alone, and they try to sell you things you don’t want. Centuries of jokes have involved salespeople, and with the advancement of the craft to the digital age, they haven’t gotten any less annoying. However, good sales agents are in the mix, too. They are the ones who somehow seem to understand what you need, or awaken a need you didn’t realize was there read more »

“SOLD!” 5 Timeless Rules for Sales Success

Sales Success

Sales may be the oldest and most prevalent job in the world. People have always endeavored to sell something to someone—whether it’s objects, skills, or goodwill. Over time, the process of selling has changed given the availability of sales support services. However, the principles behind it generally remain the same. Thus, we present five of the timeless rules one must follow to achieve sales success. Know how your customers use your product/service Put yourself in perspective of the customers and read more »

The Agent’s Guide to Staying Stress-Free at the Call Center

Happy Face

Customer care call center agents may have one of the most difficult jobs in the world. It’s physically taxing given the shifting schedules, mentally exhausting given the information they have to be able to provide at the drop of a hat, and psychologically scarring as a result of the abuse they often have to take from irate customers. In addition, there’s a lot of internal pressure on them to be effective since they are technically the first line of defense read more »

How Helpful is your Helpdesk? 3 Important Qualities your Agents Need to have


In every business, customer complaints are unavoidable because it’s impossible to make everyone happy. In today’s world, customers are particularly finicky because they are given so many choices. Thus, the success of a company is determined not only by its ability to cater to customer needs, but also by its ability to provide excellent helpdesk services that keep customers satisfied. As a result, competent helpdesk service agents are crucial. However, they are generally severely challenged in their line of work read more »

5 Inspirational Stories on Improving Customer Experience

Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is generally a stressful experience for both customers and staff in customer care call centers because it’s associated with complaints, unfulfilled promises, and tedious conversation. Although companies often tout the importance of customers to them, it’s a sentiment that is usually more talk than anything else, and customers rarely actually experience this importance. In fact, they are more prone to bashing and discrediting such statements outright in social media. Thus, it’s heartwarming to actually encounter stories of excellent read more »

5 Metrics You Need to Incorporate in your Sales Team


Sales is a cornerstone of every business. It brings in the profits that you need to keep things running, and it is both the means and the ends by which you build connections with others. Thus, sales support services are essential for every company—by carefully monitoring the performance of your sales staff, you can figure out how you’re doing, where you’re slipping, and where you can go in the future. Sales metrics generally come in two categories. The first is read more »

5 CRM Practices that Annoy Customers the Most


A near-universal truth in the world today is that customers generally hate customer service. It’s a tedious and heated process that often ends with a customer vowing never to patronize a particular company again. A problem with such back office services is that there is a typical disconnect between clients and the staff, which facilitates inevitable misunderstandings. In this sense, proper CRM is so important because it can create competitive advantages for a company through smart customer handling. With the read more »