Don’t Worry, Be Happy! 4 Ways to Stay Positive at Work

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Stressed out of your mind from making sure everything’s on point in the helpdesk services? Don’t worry because you are not alone. It’s easy to feel down when you have impending tasks to finish and the workload continues to pile up even when you are already organized to a fault. And with the things you can’t control, you find yourself stuck and in a downer. It’s easier to wear your happy face in the morning, but naturally, as the day read more »

Filthy Business: The 5 Dirtiest Jobs in the World According to Mike Rowe

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Oftentimes we feel whiny and discontented about our job. We complain about a lot of things, and sometimes we feel too lazy to even report to work. No matter what industry we may be in—whether be it in management or helpdesk services—there will always be something bad that we can say about our work. But did you know that there are actually jobs that are downright disgusting? And despite the dirty nature of these jobs, some people from all over read more »

Motivation or Complication? The Low-Down on Office Romance

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They say that love can be found in the strangest of places. Fortunately and unfortunately, the office that you work in is one of them. Unfortunately, because most of the time, workplace crushes that bloom into something more become disastrous over time in the true sense of the word. Helpdesk services may be useful, but definitely not in this situation. So if you’re confused and have absolutely no idea how to deal with it or escape that whirlwind of an read more »

A Portable Convenience: 4 Ways Smartphones Made an Impact in the Workplace

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It cannot be denied that smartphones have taken over the modern age. Almost everybody owns one — both kids and adults are familiar with the complex workings of this technological wonder; it’s like you literally have the world in the palm of your hands. With a simple click of a button and a tap of the screen, you’re taken to a whole new dimension. So it’s also right to say that we take our smartphones with us wherever we go read more »

The Three Types of “Consistency” That Will Ensure Customer Satisfaction

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The word ‘consistency’ often has a heavy implication in our psyche. It’s a word that has a lot of responsibility attached to it; it has a huge role to play in one’s life, be it in personal relationships or work-related stuff such as sales support services. A lot of people cling on to the essence of consistency because it is a very vital element of trust. In terms of work, customer sustenance is considered to be the bread and butter read more »

Adjourned! 5 Possible Problems that Cause Unproductive Meetings

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The clock seems to tick forever whenever your boss calls for a meeting, and it just practically sucks every bit of motivational juice out of you. You dread those days when you’re required to listen and contribute to the presentation and actually give all eyes and ears as your manager blurts out words in front of everyone in the boardroom. Whether you’re a part of a start-up company or sales support services, meetings are very important so as to address read more »

Back for Good: 5 Things You Must Do to Recover Customers

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It is important in any industry—especially in sales support services—to maintain the quality of the goods and kind of services that you promised. When the expectations of your customers are not met, this can become a recipe for client and profit loss. Customer recovery is a term used for regaining a client’s trust and patronage after they have decided to stop using your products or services. This can happen for reasons that you don’t have control over. However, you should read more »

Power Naps for Powerful Work: How Napping Boosts Your Brain

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Days at work could be sluggish and uneventful. Almost all of us encounter hours when we just want to sleep it all off and escape from our responsibilities. We feel tired and deprived of energy. A lot of employees are guilty of this and it seems like we are the ones in need of helpdesk services when these days come. For this reason, we often think that the only way to curb intense sleepiness at work is to take a read more »

Instawork: The Role of Social Media in the Workplace

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There used to be a thin but distinct line that separates your professional life at work and your social life on the Internet. As time went by, we have transitioned from one generation to another—our personalities, behaviors, and habits have changed. This includes our ability and desire to be up to date with trends and happenings from all over the world, even while in the workplace. A company’s principles often include effective communication between everybody involved, whether you’re holding an read more »

“Oooh, Burn!” How to Effectively Deal with Office Gossip

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You walk into your office in the morning like you usually do. You pass by the tables and booths of your workmates. Then, the room falls into an awkward silence. You look around and then realized something that you chose to ignore over the past few days. They’re talking about you. Whether you’re assigned in sales or helpdesk services, nothing ever guarantees that you will be spared from workplace gossip. The unfortunate ones who get bullied at work oftentimes have read more »