“Give Me a Sec!” How to Make the Most Out of Your Breaktime


Working people are sometimes overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done that it’s seemingly impossible to go out for lunch or even just take a breather. This is especially true for jobs that entail having to be in an office for who knows how long, such as those in help desk services. Here’s a quick tip for workaholics: just because you’re working longer hours, doesn’t mean you’re being more productive in the workplace. In fact, the effect can actually read more »

Scream for Help: How to Spot a Bully at Work

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Bullying is the use of a strong influence or superior strength to intimidate others to submission or to make them feel inferior. This is a very common problem in schools as there are kids who were wrongly taught that brute force is what keeps you relevant in society. But this is also very much prolific in the workplace as well. From when we were kids up until now, it’s very important to know certain behaviors that bullies exhibit, so that read more »

Don’t Let Go! 3 Reasons to Hold On to Your Job

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As employees, sometimes it’s so easy for us to think of quitting. If we stay in an office job long enough, say as a copywriter or animator or providing help desk services, there will come a time when the daily grind and accumulated stress of travelling between your office and house (especially considering the extremely condensed traffic nowadays) in addition to actual work stress will eventually lead us to want to quit. Our tolerance meter can no longer handle it read more »

6 Career Advice for Young Professionals

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It’s true when they say that challenges get harder when we get out of University. Some of the problems that we had pales in comparison to what society has in store for us. For instance, our problems at University may have consisted of buying textbooks, having enough food allowance, and daily commute expenses. But once we’re out there, there’s suddenly a barrage of issues like tax, jobs, and being able to adapt to different kinds of environment. This is not read more »

Nailing Down that Interview: Things You Shouldn’t Answer on the Big Day

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Job interviews always seem to have the power to make us feel a lot of emotions at the same time. It can make you excited, nervous, and jittery all at once. You may even have thoughts of backing out at the last minute because of all the tension you’re feeling. Sometimes, you answer things that are not quite right, and regret it instantly when the interview is over. You probably have thought that you’ll need sales support services to better read more »

“What are My Rights as an Employee?” 5 Things You Need to Know

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As an employee who works hard for a living, one of your primary motivations is the appropriate compensation and fair treatment from your superiors. In any industry, be it in top corporations or sales support services, recognizing employees’ rights is very vital in completely tick resignation rates off the list, or at least lower them.  So how exactly will employers do this arduous task? Simple. Meet employees halfway and give them enough leeway to exercise their rights, and provide them read more »

“Step It Up!” How to be the Trailblazer of Your Team

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Admit it—at one point or another, you’ve already thought of what you can do that can make you stand out from your workmates. This is not a bad thing; in fact, it could turn out to be beneficial for you in the long run. Especially in sales support services where competition is pretty much tough, one must really be determined to step up their game and contribute something useful to the company. Have you ever heard of the saying, “There read more »

The Fight for Motivation: 5 Tips to Boost Office Morale

Employers often think that they know perfectly what their employees need and want. Some of them even believe that since they have a good view from the top, it can be safe to assume that their employees are happy and very much in love with what they’re doing. But are they, really? People in sales support services follow one integral rule, and that is to keep their customers satisfied with the products and services that they have acquired or bought. read more »

Worst Comes to Worst: How to Deal with An Unprofessional Boss

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In your workplace, you’ll be meeting people from all walks of life. Some are a pleasure to work with, while some are a pain – especially the unprofessional employees. There are even times when the one who’s unprofessional isn’t just a regular coworker, but a boss – your boss. An unprofessional boss can be found in any department, whether it be accounting or helpdesk services. It’s not easy to deal with one, so you have to learn how. Here are read more »

Don’t Worry, Be Happy! 4 Ways to Stay Positive at Work

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Stressed out of your mind from making sure everything’s on point in the helpdesk services? Don’t worry because you are not alone. It’s easy to feel down when you have impending tasks to finish and the workload continues to pile up even when you are already organized to a fault. And with the things you can’t control, you find yourself stuck and in a downer. It’s easier to wear your happy face in the morning, but naturally, as the day read more »