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Even though the opportunity for converting previously published books, printed magazines, and newspapers to a digital format remains huge, the publishing industry has reached an inflection point. The real decision facing publishers now is whether to truly put the “e” first in their production process, adapting best practices and procedures to ensure that they are ready to take full advantage of all the opportunities and challenges presented by digital content.

SPi Global is ready for that. We can help publishers make the transition to an e-first operation and convert or produce articles and titles in an ePublishing environment, by creating multimedia for enhanced eBooks, and developing content for mobile devices, from smart phones to iPads. Our teams have converted millions of pages of content from hard copy, digital, microfilm, or microfiche formats, and we have proven expertise in converting content to virtually any industry standard or proprietary eBook format. We’re also equipped to help companies that seek to develop eLearning capabilities, either for the educational or corporate markets.

Our ePublishing and Digital Solutions include:

SPi Global empowers leading publishers and content providers to maximize the value of their content online and offline by infusing technology, know-how, and innovation into their businesses. SPi Global provides its clients with a competitive advantage by creating unique strategies in three ways:

  • Redefining a business model
  • Enhancing an existing or developing a new service offering
  • Increasing operational efficiencies by introducing a system or redefining workflows.

With a complete suite of digital, publishing, content enrichment, marketing, and customer support services, we help companies adapt to the rapidly changing demands and needs of their own customers through our unique and innovative solutions.

For over 30 years, SPi Global has been helping leading publishers, not-for-profit organizations, information providers, and Fortune 1000 companies to increase their revenues, reduce costs, improve time-to-market, and automate operations. With over 500 clients and 9,000 content specialists, no job is too large for us.

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