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Marketing Services Support

As many companies expand into new markets, they often find themselves with a problem: how to provide around-the-clock support for a wide range of operations that includes marketing. SPi Global can certainly help; through our full range of editorial, creative, and design services, we enable these companies to tap fast-moving opportunities through the entire business cycle.

By providing a dedicated team of editorial specialists, graphic artists, and web designers, SPi Global’s marketing services support delivers critical real-time help for companies with expanding global operations that need to find fast, cost-effective solutions for updating marketing collaterals, creating sales presentations, or delivering new brochures.

In addition, our team of more than 30 design and layout specialists is adept with all of the latest desktop publishing technologies such as InDesign, QuarkXPress, Photoshop, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and more. We also maintain full compliance with information security requirements.

Key services:

Marketing Design and Development

Our design artists can create visually appealing marketing collaterals, event invitations, posters, Web banner ads, and other marketing pieces. As a result, your organization can work with us to give you a highly visible presence at major conferences, and equip your sales force with high-quality marketing collaterals for client visits.

Corporate collaterals need to have a consistent look and feel, which is even more important when you have offices in different geographical regions. Our designers compose reports, documents, pitch books, brochures, solution sheets, and a wide range of other types of marketing collaterals created by local offices, enabling your company to maintain style guidelines and provide a consistent branding image.

  • Print Collateral. From attention-grabbing POP materials and premiums to brochures, SPi Global can help you develop the right marketing package to deliver your message. In addition, our expertise in creating highly-effective marketing samplers means your programs gain the visibility and prestige needed to get noticed. Thanks to our digital print capabilities, your materials are always produced in a timely, cost-efficient manner.
  • Custom eCommunications. Targeted, highly-effective e-mail communications can help you expand your reach to clients. These messages need to look professional and convey your key positioning as succinctly as possible. Our marketing team can help you launch e-mail marketing or sales campaigns, design and develop newsletters, and provide basic support for a broad range of integrated marketing activities.

Art Production and Management

SPi Global offers a full suite of services to help you create, source, and manage all of your photo and illustration assets. From project-managing your art library to creating new art, SPi Global helps ensure that your materials are not just functional, but visually appealing as well.

  • Art Management. SPi Global takes the challenge out of overseeing your art library, with full-service art acquisition and management services. From sourcing and purchasing to tracking usage and rights management, we help you get the most out of your art. Because we’re able to work within your proprietary art library system, we can manage your projects quickly and seamlessly.
  • Photo Correction. SPi Global’s experienced professionals deliver the best in high-quality image manipulation and correction. From retouching to colorization and editing, we guarantee quality service and quick turnaround at very competitive rates.
  • Custom Art and Graphics.For those times when existing art doesn’t meet your needs, SPi Global can help. Our custom illustrations create the perfect visuals for your content. Whether it’s a simple pie chart or complex computer animation, your projects will enjoy compelling, insightful graphics wherever and whenever they’re needed.


SPi Global offers full-service editorial support for your requirements. Our editorial specialists can edit reports, consulting documents, and pitch books, ensuring that the content follows style guides, and the prose is well-written.

Business Research Support

For many companies, reports built on solid research and fact-gathering often win over new business. SPi Global’s researchers are experts at basic web-based research on sectors, prospects, employees, and other sales-driven information that can give you an edge in any sales presentation.

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