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Publishing Solutions

An international leader in content solutions, SPi Global has partnered with many of the world’s leading publishers, not-for-profit organizations, information providers, and Fortune 1000 companies to deliver solutions that maximize the value of their content. For over 30 years, we’ve delivered a full range of publishing solutions that have helped more than 500 clients increase revenues, reduce costs, improve time-to-market, and automate operations.

Editorial Services


As a final step, our professional proofreaders review information products, from online publications to printed materials, before they are distributed to customers. Using the same guidelines that we use for copyediting manuscripts, we carefully proof next-to-final copy, ensuring that content is accurate.


We also provide pre-editing services for clients who copyedit their content in-house. We format raw manuscripts by removing obvious formatting errors and other inconsistencies. We use sets of customized rules to format references; cross-reference citations, equations, tables, and figures; mark items not cited in the text; and then raise queries to the copyeditors on concerns that need further analysis. This saves time for the publishers’ copyeditors, enabling them to focus on style or other more specific, value-added edits.


SPi Global has been providing copyediting services since 1997 for many of the world’s leading publishers, copyediting more than 1 million pages a year. Our experienced copyeditors have deep knowledge of all standard industry styles and are trained to perform three levels of editing, depending on the needs of your information product or journal. We copyedit highly-cited journals, as listed in the ISI list of Top 500. We are familiar with various copyediting style manuals such as AMA, APA, CMS, CSE, and ACS. We can also manage the publishers’ onshore freelance copyeditors, providing a single seamless workflow.


SPi Global’s indexing services include keyword indexing, author and name indexing, product indexing, subject/ analytical indexing, and bibliographic indexing. We index over 650,000 pages every year. Our skilled indexers are subject matter experts in key fields and disciplines, and they create comprehensive style sheets that then allow for the development of detailed keyword, author, and subject indices—including first-, second-, and third-tier entries— with the consistency, precision, and meticulousness that truly exemplify superior service.

Project Management

For new product introductions or ongoing projects, the ability to shave a day from the schedule or reduce costs can often make the difference between success and failure. SPi Global project managers—all experienced publishing professionals—manage the production of more than 1,000,000 pages every year, helping clients successfully migrate projects from onshore to offshore resources. Plus, there is the option of using domestic resources for higher-level work for a project that simply needs special attention. As a result, we’ve helped clients realize cost savings while maintaining similar, if not superior, levels of service. SPi Global project managers perform the following tasks:

  • Collate revisions from authors, editors, and proofreaders onto a “master proof” to facilitate corrections in the electronic file
  • Contact authors to seek copyright permissions for the use of their artwork
  • Coordinate the copyediting, composition, and indexing workflows
  • Manage the editorial review process by liaising with the publisher, editors, and professional proofreaders
  • Monitor schedules and target completion dates to keep everything on track

Production Editor

We can step in and find the most efficient ways to coordinate the production process with editorial offices, authors, and suppliers, saving time and cost. Our experienced production editors currently support more than 600 journal titles. We keep a wide range of projects on track by working with editors, translators, indexers, production staff, and multiple authors to manage schedules and troubleshoot problem areas.

Journal Editors Office/Peer Review Support

For many STM publishers, the peer-review process is an integral part of the editorial workflow. Our editorial assistants support the flow of manuscripts through the process and have experience with leading peer review systems, such as Editorial Manager and Scholar 1 Manuscripts, as well as custom peer review systems. Our customer services support team helps support users for the peer review process, answering questions via phone or e-mail.

Language Polishing

As businesses expand global operations, many now rely on authors who are non-native English speakers to write vital documents, white papers, and scholarly articles. SPi Global provides English-language improvement services for papers written by authors whose first language is not English. Based in the Philippines and India, our language editors, armed with decades of experience, polish content, improve grammar, remove redundancies, fix problem sentences, and fine-tune prose. We also offer this service directly to authors through our site (www.prof-editing.com), enabling them to leverage our efficient, web-based process.


In addition to validating the universal functionality of your programs, SPi Global also ensures that your products will be fully accessible and usable by everyone in your audience, including the visually-impaired. SPI is well-versed in various accessibility standards, such as NIMAS Section 508, Daisy Standards for talking books, and Digital Talkbook, a digital audio player for recorded books for the blind, visually impaired, or physically handicapped. We deliver accessibility for rich media by providing text-to-speech synchronization at the word, sentence, or paragraph level, based on your requirements. We’ve developed an HTML5 accessibility toolkit that allows us to produce custom editions for different clients. With our experience in print and digital production, we advise clients to apply accessibility in the print composition stage so that all products that you transform to a digital format deliver the same levels of accessibility.

Content Production Services

Content Conversion

SPi Global earned its reputation for industry leadership as a data conversion powerhouse in the early 1980s. Now we offer a full range of conversion services, from simple data entry to complex content conversion projects. The company has translated a wide range of document formats (hardcopy, EPUB, MOBI, PDF, ASCII, microfilm, typesetting system application files, microfiche, etc.) and offers publishers and content aggregators an end-to-end solution—from data capture, high-speed and archival imaging, DTD/schema development, and metadata creation to large-scale, tag-intensive SGML/XML transformation, and content quality assurance.

Our capabilities include:

  • High-volume data entry and OCR (99.5%-99.995% data accuracy rates).
  • Conversion of complex source material from hardcopy, microfilm, or digital files to XML, SGML, any SQL-compliant database, or any content management system format.
  • Electronic file conversion between formats and from PDF, MS-Word, and QuarkXPress to XML, SGML, EPUB, MOBI, or other client-specified formats.
  • Creation of online PDF and eBooks, as well as print-on-demand files.
  • Digital preservation of archival materials, brittle books, and oversized items.
  • Ability to convert all Roman-character-based languages (e.g., Latin, Danish, Gothic Letter forms) and transliterate some non-Roman-character-based languages (such as Hebrew, Arabic, and Chinese).

We have the experience to undertake a wide range of large-scale, complex conversion projects. In fact, over the past five years, SPi Global has converted over 150 million pages, including two of the largest conversion projects in STM publishing.


SPi Global takes content in the format provided, and returns high-quality output that is ready to be printed. We offer the full suite of prepress services that enable our clients to go from concept to print in the shortest possible time at a competitive cost. Our team has vast experience working with a wide range of applications, including LaTeX, QuarkXPress, InDesign, 3B2, and FrameMaker.


SPi Global utilizes proprietary software to scan a wide variety of document types. After receiving scanned images, our data entry specialists capture the required fields through keyboarding and verification processes, and use integrated tools to ensure complete data accuracy. Scanning solutions include photo scanning with color correcting, image manipulation, and line art scanning.

Data Capture

SPi Global extracts data from a scanned document, often to be sent to a workflow for routing and action as part of a business process. Data-capture software is also utilized for more complex projects because it captures specific, targeted data—usually from a form—that is required to support a business process.

Graphics Processing

SPi Global helps its clients with its artwork in both books and journals. Whether its redraw, illustration creation, modifications, or color processing, SPi Global has the capabilities to help bring your illustrations to life.

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