Flash to HTML5: A Roadmap to Successful Migrations

As we move forward with new platforms and devices, we are faced with the challenge of making our content reach as many people as possible. To remain relevant in the industry, publishers must learn to adapt to EPUB3 and HTML5. Most of the already existing content is written with Adobe Flash, that is why we offer industry-leading services of Flash-to-HTML5 conversion.

The fifth revision of the HTML5 standard improves the support for the latest multimedia. HTML5 is especially relevant because of the digital push towards enhanced ebooks, which feature various multimedia such as video, audio, and animation. HTML5’s cross-platform and multimedia support capabilities compel publishers and developers to expand from their Flash-based content to HTML5.

With HTML5, ebooks and other related applications become more responsive, and it creates a captivating and enriching experience for users. As more and more people use smart devices that do not support Flash, publishers must deal with the widening gap between the existing Flash-formatted content and the preference for HTML5.

SPi Global bridges that gap by providing quality HTML5 conversion services to its clients. Our team of e-developers and mobile programmers are well-versed with conversions regarding design, graphics, content formatting, and user interface. We are able to provide end-to-end solutions that are more cost- effective than converting your content from one format to another. Our refined workflows ensure smooth transitions from the Flash format to HTML5 to support new devices.

It has been announced by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) 2013 that HTML5 and EPUB3 are the future of digital publishing. At SPi Global, we are aware that latent knowledge or the application of new technology robs companies of opportunities and the potential to sell their products. That is why SPi Global has taken the initiative to stay ahead of trends to offer high industry standards.

As HTML5 is becoming a widely supported standard for content on the internet, it has become increasingly important for SPi Global to provide Flash-to-HTML5 conversionservices. Companies will surely benefit from the innovative functionalities that HTML5 offers.

Our continued pursuit of innovation through research ensures that SPi Global employs only the latest and most effective solutions of Flash-to-HTML5 conversion. We will make sure that your content is flawlessly supported by popularly used HTML5 mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

With SPi Global, you can accelerate the pace of content innovation as we help you take advantage of the capabilities of HTML5’s cross-platform technology. With SPi Global’s acquisition of Laserwords, our Flash-to-HTML5 conversion capabilities have been strengthened even further, thrusting the quality of our service to new heights. Whether your content is designed for apps or e-books, our Flash-to-HTML5 conversion services are especially helpful in enhancing the visual impact of your content.