Content Distribution

SPi Global offers a complete turnkey solution that allows publishers and content providers to manage, distribute and monetize content in custom branded mobile applications.

Through our Mobile Content Delivery Service, each App is customized to the owner’s requirements and then distributed globally via AppStores to mobile devices. All App development, submission, approval and maintenance are managed by SPi Global. Content may be supplied in simple formats such as PDFs or enhanced to included video, audio or interactive HTML5 elements supported by SPi Global.

Full analytics on downloads and sales are provided to the client via weekly reports. Content can be free or sold through the App. All transactions – payment collection and disbursement of funds, are handled by SPi Global on behalf of the App owner.

What do we do?

  • Transform print-ready content into Mobile Apps
  • Place multiple publications or editions within a single App
  • Distribute these Apps globally or to a specific region
  • Allow users to sell content via Apps
  • inApp Purchasing and Subscriber enablement + management
  • Handle all money matters of content sold

What can you turn into Mobile Apps?

  • Journals
  • Newspapers
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Academic Text Books
  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Corporate Material


  • Performance: The rendering engine is incredibly fast and provides an unparalleled reading experience. We have sometimes been able to optimize files to a 1/3 the size of other systems. This reduces costs and download time for users.
  • Integrated Workflow: SPi Global only comes into the workflow once the piece of content is completed. Content continues to be created with any word processing application (e.g. MS Word) or layout application (Adobe InDesign).Enhancements are done within these applications or with Adobe Acrobat. This Content is then uploaded to for immediate consumption.
  • Enriched Content: SPi Global supports the ability to connect content to external sources or multimedia enhancements, natively. This Includes hyperlinking (e.g. homepage, adverts, enhanced education content), videos (e.g. YouTube), audio (e.g. kids stories), Social Media Platform integration (e.g. Facebook), and RSS Feeds. It has never been this easy for publishers to add a multimedia experience to their content – from within their own workflow.
  • In-App Purchasing: SPi Global supports in-App purchasing of Single issues and subscription purchases. All pricing is managed by the client and can be updated instantly.
  • AppStore Deployment: SPi Global submits Apps to the AppStores on behalf of our clients. This saves them time, money and the effort of managing the app submissions1. Our track record has us at a 100% pass through rate of App submissions.

If, however, clients wish to manage this process themselves, we are equally happy.

  • Automation: SPi Global has developed bespoke automation solutions for clients requiring this. Our offer includes content collections, manipulations, collations, optimizations, and deployment.
  • Coming Soon:
    • HTML5 viewer
    • Out-of-App Single Purchases + Subscriptions support for a broad range of integrated marketing activities.