eBook Conversion Services

Both the eBook conversion market and ePub conversion market continue to expand as major opportunities for publishers and conversion partners alike. In 2010, consumers purchased 6 million eBook readers, up from 3 million in 2009, and sales are expected to continue rising in 2011. All those devices need to be filled with content and publishers and device manufacturers alike are scrambling to convert front-list and backlist titles into formats compatible with the wide range of readers and smart phones on the market. With our well-established digitization and conversion capabilities, SPi Global is already helping a number of leading professional, trade and association publishers expand their presence in the eBook market as their trusted conversion partner.

Just as important, our teams can also help you make the right decisions that will keep you in a position to take advantage of future opportunities in the eBook market by developing a viable e-first strategy for publishing and converting front and backlist titles. For example, we’re working closely with STM and educational publishers, many of whom are now going straight to eBooks with new versions. Some 80 percent of new textbooks are digitally produced and many authors and publishers plan the next edition without thinking about print – except for print-on-demand. We maintain a running dialogue through the conversion process, discussing ways to improve and streamline the production of the next iteration of the textbook.

Our eBook capabilities include:

Format/Device Conversion

We have proven expertise in converting content to virtually any industry standard or proprietary eBook format – from EPUB, MOBI, PRC and AZW to eReaders such as the Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad and iPhone, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Sony Reader.In addition, our technology team is focused on real-time deployment of the latest market developments and we are constantly refining our conversion tools and processes to optimize rapid eBook production cost efficiently.

Enhanced eBooks

As more authors and publishers create books specifically designed for digital consumption, enhanced eBooks will become increasingly more commonplace. SPi Global’s expertise can help aid publishers to take full advantage of enhanced eBooks, which feature hidden searchable text; rich media features including audio, video, and interactivity; and internal and external linking.

Fixed Layout

While many new books will undoubtedly be published in an enhanced format, many new and existing titles will continue to be converted into traditional fixed layouts. For these projects, SPi Global’s experience in digitization and conversion enables us to deliver the highest quality at the lowest cost. We’re well equipped to deliver on large-volume conversion projects that require quick turnaround times.

EPUB 3.0

Just as the earlier standards from the industry set the stage for widespread eBook adoption, EPUB 3.0 will standardize the creation of rich multimedia and interactive experiences for eBooks. SPi Global is already playing a leadership role in this emerging standard and we’ve begun to develop workflows and processes that will streamline the use of EPUB 3.0 once it gains broader adoption. EPUB 3.0 makes it easier to create high-quality eBooks and no matter which devices emerge as the winner in the marketplace, we will be ready to help publishers prepare their content to take full advantage of the new format.

SPi Global is a member of the IDPF and participates on the EPUB3 technical specifications working group.

Additional Standards

SPi Global also works with the following standards - Docbook, DITA, TEI, PRISM, NLM, ONIX, MARC, Common Cartridge, and QTI.

Our digitization and eBook conversion services can help publishers as they attempt to meet the needs of the digital reading public. We ensure the publications are compatible for all major eReaders and tablets. As a leader in the industry, we have already played the role of eBook conversion partner for hundreds of clients. SPi Global is a trusted name in the industry and can deliver exceptional solutions.

Our team of experts can help you make strategic decisions about eBook conversions that will increase exposure and revenue. We believe in the “e-first strategy” for conversion of front and backlist titles. SPi Global encourages publishers to go directly to the eBook market since the vast majority of avid readers are migrating to eBook readers.

Nearly 80 percent of new textbooks are digitally produced and are preferred by students. Because of the popularity of digitized publications, some authors never go to print. Throughout the digital publication process or eBook conversion process, we keep track of all discussions in the conversion process and discuss ways to improve eBooks for the next textbook version or iteration.