ePub Conversion Services

SPi Global earned its reputation for industry leadership as a data conversion powerhouse in the early 1980s, and now we offer a full range of conversion services, from simple data entry to complex content conversion projects such as converting PDF to ePub and otherePub conversion services. The company has translated a wide range of document formats (hard copy, EPUB, MOBI, PDF, ASCII, microfilm, typesetting system application files, microfiche,etc.) and offers publishers and content aggregators an end-to-end solution – from data capture, high-speed and archival imaging, DTD/schema development, and metadata creation, to large-scale, tag-intensive SGML/XML transformation, and content quality assurance. Our capabilities include:

  • High volume data entry and OCR (99.5%-99.995% data accuracy rates).
  • Conversion of complex source material from hardcopy, microfilm or digital files to XML, SGML, any SQL-Compliant database, or any Content Management System format. Electronic File Conversion between formats and from PDF, MS-Word and Quark Xpress to XML, SGML, EPUB, MOBI, or other client-specified formats.
  • Creation of online PDF, eBooks as well as Print-on-Demand files.
  • Digital preservation of Archival Materials, Brittle Books and Oversized Items.
  • Ability to convert all Roman-character-based languages (e.g., Latin, Danish, Gothic Letter forms) and transliterate some non-Roman-character-based languages (such as Hebrew, Arabic, and both traditional and simplified Chinese).

We have the scale, maturity, and experience to undertake a wide range of large-scale, complex conversion projects. In fact, over the past five years, SPi Global has converted over 150 million pages, including two of the largest conversion projects in STM publishing.

Our Conversion Solutions include:


The opportunity to convert content from analog to digital is still significant. However, most of the more basic, straightforward projects have been completed. With our deep experience in conversion projects, we can help you make the right choices and avoid the mistakes others have made in digitizing large archival repositories, achieving significant economies of scale.


Data entry still plays a key role for many conversion projects that require data capture from hard copy source files. For those projects, SPi Global has refined its capability to key in data quickly and efficiently and at the preferred accuracy rate for clients. For one major postal agency in Europe, for example, we’re entering postal codes, house numbers and other demographic information, keying in data from almost 500,000 images per day.

Format Conversion

While eBooks dominate the conversion landscape now, many publishers still have vast repositories of old and new publications that need to be converted to a digital format. SPi Global’s expertise in all aspects of the digitization and conversion process helps us to ensure that we can perform these large-scale, and even small-scale, conversions with maximum efficiency and at the lowest cost. For one national library in Europe, we’re converting newspaper, magazine, and other print articles into an EPUB format, and then posting them to the Internet for the client. We’ve converted up to 4,000 books and more than 1.5 million pages of content for this client, who logs downloads of between 100,000 and 140,000 of content daily.