Call Center Outsourcing Services

SPi Global believes that every interaction with a customer reflects an opportunity to build a relationship. It can lead to superior satisfaction and repeat business. The ability to wow customers is paramount. This is the quality of call center outsourcing service that companies should look for.

It’s no secret that great customer service is the heart of any call center. Without this important lifeline, customers will not feel they have chosen the right brand – a brand that cares about the customers. In this goal, we will gladly partner with you to bring only the best customer service to your clients.

Customer service is the act of providing excellent service before, during, and after a product purchase. A brand has many faces, but customer service is the most important one. It is really through actual conversation, through customer service, that customers build a relationship with a brand. Should you choose to outsource your customer care centers with us, we pledge only great customer-brand relationships enhanced by our social media solutions.

We are able to provide quality service because we recognize that the business process outsourcing industry is driven by rapid changes. In order to stay ahead, we study and anticipate these changes through surveys and research. Such changes include new avenues of consumer interaction such as social media, as well as changes in customer behavior and expectation.

In this industry, we also realize that the key ingredient in the success of customer care call centers is people. In this process we pay attention to details to ensure that only the best customer service representatives are hired. We also provide high standard agent training to hone each CSR’s English and relationship skills to the highest quality.

The need for the BPO industry is undeniable. The world we live in is irrevocably rushed. When one innovation comes, it is immediately followed by the next big thing. And since we have developed into a technologically dependent society, we must follow its moods and swings. Whenever there is a development, we must be ready to hop on that train. By outsourcing your Customer Care Services to us, we make sure that the connections between you, the customer, and the latest technological advances are never severed.

Each of our 7,500 customer care call center representatives welcomes the challenge to help and impress your customers, aptly leaving a positive experience of your company. Knowing that each call starts with “hello” and never ends with a simple “goodbye”, we say, “thank you”. Our talented staff has the knowledge and experience to deliver results in the following:

SPi Global consistently delivers value-added solutions that enhance performance and boost quality. These easily translate into successful and long-standing partnerships. Gain additional insights on how we can take charge of your business outsourcing needs.

  • Account Management
  • Call Center Outsourcing Services
  • Customer Acquisitions
  • Customer Retention
  • Complaint and Issues Resolution
  • Order Management
  • e-Commerce
  • Warranty Services
  • Reservations
  • Billing, Order, and Payment Processing
  • Insurance Claim Processing
  • Fraud Detection and Loss Prevention Calls
  • Dispatch Management
  • Dealer Location Calls
  • Order Tracking
  • Foreign Language Support (English, Japanese, and Spanish)
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