Sales Support Services

SPi Global understands that new business acquisitions and sales opportunities help you meet your revenue targets. We thoroughly understand the importance of installing an established mechanism of generating sales leads, and servicing business opportunities to counter the pressure these solutions place on your marketing budgets in inbound, outbound, and account collection.

It’s been proven that an efficient and effective sales support center can offer innovative solutions that not only meets but exceeds your revenue targets – all while cutting your sales acquisition costs.

At SPi Global, it starts with intensive training. We have a well-educated workforce, of which more than 80% have college degrees. We deliver value to you immediately, and though we start with the front line, we have the support of middle managers, certified in Lean Six Sigma, across all operational disciplines. You and your customers can expect us to deliver on the following programs:

  • B2B Outbound and Inbound Sales
  • Consumer and Retail Outbound and Inbound Sales
  • After Sales Callout Certificates
  • Sales Surveys
  • Cross Sell and Up Sell Opportunities
  • Consultative Selling
  • Subscription Renewals
  • Real Time Approval / Ad Response

Gain additional insights on the eight reasons why choosing SPi Global can lead to lower costs, quicker response times, and higher customer satisfaction.