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    SPi Global is the leading provider of services to the research community. Our service offerings in research span across the content lifecycle, making our range of services the most complete in the industry.

  • Education and Learning logo

    SPi Global is driving the change in learning experience worldwide, making a difference for millions of students starting from kindergarten to college, from higher education to professional learning.

  • Legal, Financial and Business Information

    SPi Global helps in the aggregation, normalization and enrichment of information assets that result in actionable insights for lawyers, bankers, investors, risk managers, marketing and business development teams, financial printers, insurance companies among others. Our multi-language capability combined with a secure infrastructure and clean room setup ensure the confidentiality of our clients data.

    Service Highlights:

    • Developed and maintained the aggregation engine of a large legal information provider with end-to-end responsibility involving content modelling, software development, deployment and maintenance. There are over 30,000 global feeds which are managed by the SPi Global team

    • Partnered with the leader in alternative asset analytics to setup a research data center in the Philippines. A research analyst manages Private Equity/Hedge Fund profiles and fund performances and deals data through web scraping and research

    • Supported a B2B information provider in managing their master company information DB through web research, linking, and data hygiene

    • Supported a compliance information provider with research and analysis on PEP information to maintain KYC (Know Your Customer) database. Scope of work included web research, information extraction and abstraction/translation to support Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish & Portuguese from Vietnam and Nicaragua

    • Supported SEC filings in standard EDGAR HTML, XBRL, iXBRL. Also digitally enhanced documents for better investor and analyst experience

  • BizApps logo

    SPi Global supports the processing and manipulation of content in databases across multiple business areas such as legal, financial, insurance, media, risk and compliance, logistics, entertainment, and retail.

  • Healthcare logo

    SPi Global's team of subject matter experts (SMEs), medical coding and claims processing specialists, patient engagement specialists, and content experts help across the health information value chain to deliver better outcomes for patients, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare practitioners. From helping discover the next blockbuster drug to lowering medical costs to improving medical education and preparing graduates for their professional examinations - SPi Global continues to impact the healthcare industry in many positive ways. 

    Service Highlights:

    • Supported a leading drug discovery database in identifying new compounds with structure, reaction and properties from the latest journal and patent filings. This engagement is comprised of Master Degrees and PhDs in chemistry and pharmacology

    • Setup offshore medical coding and revenue cycle management for one of the leading U.S. healthcare technology companies

    • Provided end-to-end third party administration and healthcare claim adjudication for leading insurance companies in China