In the information age, the Enterprise is driven by decision-making based on accurate and time-critical data. The sheer volume of information needed for aggregation, mining, and analysis is mind-boggling.

SPi Global is fast becoming the partner of choice for highly diversified businesses worldwide in the areas of legal, financial, insurance, media, risk and compliance, logistics, entertainment, and retail. Our solutions range from high-volume aggregation to intuitive and intelligent excerption, structuring, and analysis.

Knowledge and insights are delivered through technology products and teams of highly skilled professionals across multiple locations. Our engineering and operational experience excel in mitigating challenges of handling wide-ranging formats of raw data coming from a variety of sources.

SPi Global understands that accuracy, reliability, and speed are key factors that enable our partners to impact the everyday experience of their clients. Our delivery models are therefore designed to be driven by technology and by multi-country/multi-location models. Continuous reengineering of tools and processes and setting high standards of business continuity and quality are what sets us apart in this space.

Quick Facts

  • Support a media database that powers personalized and seamless discovery of entertainment to audiences worldwide by mapping TV schedules to listed programs. This drives the EPG (programming guides) which shows up on the televisions. The service is supported from four locations in 12 languages. Similar support is also provided for a music database which involves classification of track, artist, and album information.
  • Manage compliance database that involves monitoring web feeds on (Politically Exposed Persons) PEPs and companies and update information on the database used by banks and institutions as part of compliance monitoring. The work is done in three locations and in multiple languages.
  • Provide a daily news digest on key stories in the region. This involves identifying the stories based on criteria set by the Client and summarizing the same for the digest.
  • Support updating accident police reports from different jurisdictions into the client database which supports a product designed for auto insurance premium determination.
  • Extract zip codes details from images of letters and parcels that enable automated sorting of posts. This is a real-time process where sorting machines in Netherlands are supported by operators in the Philippines and Vietnam and is made possible through a highly sophisticated and robust network infrastructure.
  • Extract key fields from images of auto and mortgage records into the client database for an insurance company. The work is done in a clean room environment for security.
  • Normalize data on product offers, deals that support content feed, and analytics for one of the most innovative mobile app companies in retail shopping.