Data Intelligence Solutions

Today, research and business decisions are powered by discovery and analysis. Information is aggregated, semantically enriched, and analyzed through highly innovative products. SPi Global’s semantic enrichment specialists and domain experts have enabled global information companies in aggregating, mining, extracting, and productizing their content. We support leading database products across multiple industries including science, medicine, engineering, legal, compliance, media, and retail, among others. Our SME teams and toolsets generate insights and outcomes in the fields of research, education, and business applications.

Our suite of content intelligence solutions include:

  • Content Mining

Our SMEs and semantic concept mining tools offer a powerful platform for generating Smart Content through large-scale data mining and extraction of key concepts from journal articles, patents, news reports, legal contracts, court judgements.

  • Research and Analytics

Our research and analytics solutions include alerts service, daily information digest, audience analytics, as well as analysis of process data points using Six Sigma methodologies for operational and business insights.

  • Content Normalization

Our team of content experts is able to normalize unstructured content received in multiple input formats into structured content and enable further validation based on business rules for upstream processing.

  • Metadata Management

Our metadata management team handles generation/updating and enrichment of industry-standard and custom-metadata schemas that enable efficient processing.

  • Abstraction and Indexing

Our A&I team handles taxonomy-based classification as well as creation of original content summaries.