Design and Content Experience

The widespread adoption of smartphones, tablets, and readers for reference, learning, and our daily lives has resulted in a paradigm shift in digital content. Today’s content experience is driven by Smart Content and mobile applications. This fast-changing space brings with it new challenges and opportunities to publishers and content providers. It introduces a bold new generation of technology startups in the information market.

SPi Global offers end-to-end capabilities in this space through our smart technology solutions, digital content authoring experts, design specialists, and highly skilled content development teams. Our tools and practices are designed to deliver flawless customer experience across multiple screen sizes and operating platforms.

Our solutions include:

  • Content Design and Development

We enable you to focus on your core business by providing overall product development capabilities. Starting with conceptualization and prototyping, project guideline development, design of assets, development of content and production of the assets across multiple delivery formats that includes adaptation and translation to international editions.

Our team includes instructional designers, SMEs, SW developers, graphics specialists, project managers, HTML5 specialists, and XML specialists working closely with your editorial and design teams for a seamless development experience.

  • Digital Content Authoring

​We are preferred partners for digital publishing platforms such as Inkling Habitat, MetroDigi Chaucer, and others. Our project teams work collaboratively with your teams right from project launch and participate in design review and development of the product with standard and custom interactive objects.

  • HTML5 Interactive Objects

Our team of over 150 HTML5 specialists work on bringing life into static assets through the intelligent use of HTML5 functionalities, be it creating a new functionality from scratch or taking over a legacy flash library and transforming it to HTML5, we have got you covered.

  • Assessments

Be it creating of original assessment questions in Math, Engineering, Business Reading, Sciences, etc., based on learning objectives or creating solutions manuals for back-of-book exercises or adapting print questions for digital delivery, our detailed knowledge of industry-leading assessment platforms helps us deliver your requirements.

  • ADA/Accessibility

We can help you make your digital products ready to meet the ADA standards. Our services include creating of alt-text for images and delivering ADA-validated PDF files and multimedia assets.

  • Animation

We can make your content come alive with 2D/3D animations. Our team of animators work closely with domain experts to ensure accuracy.

  • Multi-format eBooks

We produce over 50,000 eBooks every year - both as part of the front list production and backlist conversion workflows. Our eBook solution is capable of handling inputs in a wide range of formats (XML, Word, PDF, and even Hardcopy) and is able to deliver ePUB (2.0/3.0), Fixed Layout ePUB, KF8, and other custom formats. As an active member of the IDPF, we are working with the industry in developing the standards of the future.

We can work with you to determine the ideal format based on your content and your delivery model.

  • UI/UX Consulting

SPi Global’s UI/UX experts bring in adaptive and responsive design solutions to render the content aesthetically across multiple devices and platforms. The designers work closely with various stakeholders in architecture, strategy, editorial, and technology in understanding the strategic objective, user research and focus on driving the value, thereby delivering a simple, functional, and high-quality user experience to today’s demanding consumers.

  • QA and Testing

We offer an independent QA and testing service to perform detailed testing of the beta version of the digital product. We handle test plan creation, functionality testing, content proofing, and report generation. Our testing lab is fully equipped with multiple versions of devices, operating systems, and browser versions, to provide you with the most comprehensive testing scenarios.