Smart Technology Solutions

In today’s environment of Smart Content, smarter devices, and sophisticated content distribution platforms, technology is indisputably the leading influence.

It is proven time again that the best technology products in the content space are built by architects and specialists with a solid semantic grasp over the content. While the technology space is a heated one, when it comes to understanding content structures and making it work on enterprise-level architectures, we punch above our weight.

We use a combination of proprietary and industry-standard tools to support the acquisition, transformation, enrichment, and delivery of content. Our tools and processes can integrate with your systems and tools via APIs to provide a seamless end to end content processing experience.

  • Content Engineering

Our team of content software engineers is able to design and maintain applications that are able to automatically transform aggregated content feeds to the required format. This lets your team focus on acquiring new content and leave the integration to us.

  • CMS Support

Our content support team handles design of content structures to enable new functionalities on your CMS platform and also manage content rendering and functionality related tickets coming from internal and external users of the platform. We have rich experience in a wide range of proprietary and open source CMS platforms and combined with our in-depth knowledge of content workflows provides you with a one-stop solution.

  • Content Workflow Solutions

From acquisition of content to final delivery of the product in multiple formats, our suite of publishing workflow solutions is able to manage content structuring, editorial, enrichment,  XML generation, linking, and packaging. We have developed our tools through years of expertise in handling content workflows that support multiple products including journals, books, MRWs, educational supplements, looseleafs, SEC filings, and magazines/newsletters. Our continuous improvement approach has resulted in workflow and process standardization initiatives that have reduced time to market and enabled cost optimization.

  • Content Transformation Solutions

Our content transformation suite of solutions has the capability to take up content in multiple input formats and transform them into digitally enabled content schemas. From XML content from one platform to another, to digitizing a large collection of print books to eBooks and XML, we have handled many large-scale, time-sensitive complex content transformation projects for our clients.