Support Management Solutions

Be it customer support or marketing support. Our team of experts is always there for you and your stakeholders. We will help you increase customer satisfaction, convert a lead, or support development of materials for your newest marketing campaign and most importantly, increase your revenue.

  • Author/Editor support
    • Language Polishing

      Through our retail services offering, authors can submit their manuscripts for language editing through our website We handle over 1,500 manuscripts every year with over a 40% repeat usage.

    • Peer Review Support

      We support the peer review process for 1,500 journals with over 300+ editorial support agents. We have rich experience in setting up and validating submitted manuscripts, assigning to reviewers, and handling final disposition across industry-standard and custom peer review platforms.

    • Author Engagement

      We work with authors during their content development phase and answer any queries about content guidelines, review manuscripts against requirements and also help them with early content standardization items like graphics creation and permissions handling, among others.

    • Production Editor

      Our offshore project managers/production editors work as an extension of the publishers’ in-house teams. They coordinate across multiple stakeholders in the timely and error free delivery of the content. Our team includes 500+ specialists supporting many journals and book customers.

    • Rights and Permissions

      Our rights and permissions offering includes handling both text and image permissions. In addition to reviewing the manuscript to identify assets that require permissions and acquire them, we also handle permission administration (i.e., granting Level 1 permission requests based on set rules).

  • Customer Support
    • HelpDesk/Technical Support

      Our Helpdesk offering supports both internal and external stakeholders. Be it an author looking to get details about open access policies, a publisher having difficulties in loading final content to the delivery platform, or an end user unable to access his/her online portal. Our team of customer support agents is able to combine our publishing experience with our CRM expertise to provide a best-in-class solution.

    • SME/Tutor Support

      Our SMEs provide live Q&A and tutoring support to students to enable better learning outcomes.

  • Back Office Support

    From order processing, to claims and returns processing, to updating customer records, as well as generating quotations and contract documentation, our back office team makes life easier for your fulfillment and sales support teams.

  • Sales and Marketing Support
    • Social Media

      From social media monitoring to managing and administrating official social media pages, we are able to manage your brand identity on social media.

    • Marketing Materials

      Our team of creative designers is able to turn your marketing briefs into beautiful campaign materials for a multi-channel campaign across print, email, web, and social media.

    • Database Support

      Be it entering forms collected at the tradeshow into your CRM system to performing research on prospects/deduping your leads list, we can help manage your CRM database for better marketing results.

    • Lead Generation

      Our offshore telemarketing team can provide support for marketing campaigns and also perform outbound calls to generate leads for the onshore sales team to call on.