SPi Global’s strategic quality platform is characterized by a distinctive system for business intelligence, quality improvement, and breakthrough innovation to drive the business.



From quality monitoring and audits of your customer interactions to designing, executing, and analyzing your customer satisfaction surveys, SPi’s quality processes harness the power of business intelligence to improve your business performance. SPi’s ASPIRE, an end-to-end analytics model is then applied to develop and execute strategic plans for moving forward.



We guide you on your journey towards improvement starting with a process analysis of current Key Performance Indicators, eventually introducing you to our Lean Six Sigma tools like the Continuous Improvement Initiatives. In partnership with you, identified improvements can then be implemented across any process or crucial metric.



Creating and designing new processes is the next step, this time with an evolution into quality maturity. Our Comprehensive Quality Platform – SPiQ - is designed to provide you with timely, comprehensive and accurate reporting, as well as a 360 ̊ view of your Quality performance. With this comes the guidance of an experienced management team trained and certified in the Lean Six Sigma methodology. Our people have experience implementing quality processes for different industries. Also ready to help you are 300 Quality experts at SPi Global, who are all part of the company’s Lean Six Sigma community.