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Corporate Profile

Established in 1980, SPi was one of the first companies in Asia to provide content outsourcing services to leading Fortune 500 companies. Today, SPi Global is a multiple award-winning market leader in technology-driven solutions for the extraction, enrichment and transformation of data and content assets.

With our suite of leading-edge technology platforms, and our deep understanding of content workflows and data structures, we are the partner of choice for world-class information companies across multiple industries.

Data and content are fast becoming key differentiators across the market. SPi’s vision is to deploy technology solutions that will make data and content accessible, adaptable and actionable – easily found when and where it’s needed, adaptable to the various devices in common usage, and delivering the insights that organizations need for fast, effective decision-making.

SPi is as active in the wider world as it is in industry, improving lives and communities through a wide range of partnerships and initiatives, including our community investment program, the SPi Foundation.

SPi Global’s Vision and Mission

For 40 years, SPi’s vision, mission and values have been the foundation of our corporate culture. They have guided us from one achievement to another, as we’ve worked to provide best-in-class technology products and services to our customers.

Our vision statement captures what we consistently aspire to be and do – We Inspire Success.

Our mission statements identify key actions for our various stakeholders. We seek to:

  • Build a culture of excellence that enriches lives.
  • Create value that sustains growth.
  • Deliver best-in-class technology and business transformation solutions.

SPi Global's Values


We will uphold the highest standards of work ethics, honesty and morality. We will strive to conduct our business with transparency and without thought of personal gain. We will stand by what is right and fair at all times.


We are each responsible for our actions and all their outcomes. We hold ourselves answerable to our superiors and our subordinates. We will take care of everything entrusted us, be it resources, talent or finances.


This is a Filipino value about caring for our business and our people. We care for our business and contribute to its success. We genuinely empathize with and care for the predicaments, feelings, and motives of others. We will always strive to see things as others see them.


We acknowledge that every individual, including ourselves, deserves to be treated based on competence and ability. We will celebrate successes and objectively recognize those that contribute to them. We believe in equal opportunity and recognition.


We recognize and celebrate the diversity, similarities and differences in our organization. We understand that individuals have their own beliefs, rights, convictions, significance, and contributions to make. We accept the opinions of others while working on shared goals.

Corporate Social Responsibility

SPi runs a global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program and celebrates CSR Day on an annual basis. CSR initiatives are planned and implemented across three “pillars” – youth, technology, and education.

Headed by each SPi site’s CSR Champion, our initiatives have led to established partnerships with private companies, government agencies and non-government organizations including foundations, orphanages, and other beneficiary groups.

To date, SPi Global’s CSR program has generated over 250,000 employee volunteer hours and has made a difference to the lives of over 85,000 beneficiaries.


SPi’s leadership team provides a unique combination of market-leading content and data technology and solution expertise, and deep commercial and market understanding in our key verticals. We are innovation-oriented, results-driven and passionately enthusiastic about our business.


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