Case Studies

SPi Global builds the largest collection of curated content in just 3 months

To aggregate all online learning courses

A leading enterprise learning portal wanted to aggregate all online learning courses which were available for online educational institutions. As part of the aggregation, important metadata about the institution, courses and instructors were captured to help online users search and find content which was of interest to them. A key challenge in this project was to cover all the online course providers out there within a very short three-month time frame. In addition to aggregating online courses, this learning portal was also looking to build the largest collection of curated content with a focus on educating a user on a particular topic or skill. To do this, the client was looking for a partner that would help create short courses on various topics ranging from Business and Finance, to Soft Skills and Communication. A key challenge here was to get subject matter experts who had an understanding of curriculum development. This was a critical requirement in creating courses which were easy and concise for the end user to learn and understand.

SPi Global’s team captures a massive amount of metadata

SPi Global provided a team of resources to capture a massive amount of metadata using a combination of technologies and manual processes. SPi Global also formed a content curation team of subject matter experts with skills across numerous disciplines that allowed SPi to create and build courses for the client’s library of courses.

SPi Global provides more than 250 courses for the client’s library of courses

SPi Global scaled the project and created a process which would allow our client to tap the knowledge and skill sets to help them develop their library of business and technology topics for their customers. As a result, SPi Global provided over 250 courses for the largest library of online learning options available. SPi Global was also able to make the transition from being a curation solution provider to a partner for course creation which is the client’s main business. Throughout this project, SPi was able to adapt to the client’s needs in taking on new projects which we had not been engaged in prior.