Case Studies

SPi Global performs QA and Testing to move journal titles to a new platform

To move all journal titles to a new platform

A leading information services and software company approached SPi Global to gather all their journal titles and move them to a new platform. All their journals were stored in an archive directory and needed to be collected, verified, and converted for the new platform. The journals also needed to be transferred to a specific location for security reasons and needed to be maintained on the old platform while the new platform received updates.



SPi Global performs QA and testing

To address this issue, SPi Global formulated a process to gather and verify the data to filter only the data we needed. In addition to this, we also performed manual checks and verification to ensure that the data we were getting was correct and clean. We then formulated a system automation which ran seamlessly and gathered the batch of journal titles that we collected with less manual effort. This also gave way to a system of collecting data in an efficient manner as the updates were received from the old platform.



Total savings of US$78,000 in just six months

The system automation allowed a seamless run of the process with minimal errors and reduced manual effort. It also freed up their current resources to be available for other tasks. This enabled the new platform to catch-up with the up-to-date arrival of data from the old platform and made our client ready for the next steps in a timely manner. In a six month span, the savings totaled US$78,000.