Our vision statement captures what we consistently aspire to be:

We Inspire Success.


Our mission statements clearly and strongly identify key actions for our various stakeholders:

  • Build a culture of excellence that enriches lives
  • Create value that sustains growth
  • Deliver best-in-class technology and business transformation solutions


The belief that ‘I AM MoRe’ reinforces
the character of an SPi Global employee:


  • I uphold the highest standards of work ethic, honesty and morality;
  • I strive to conduct business with transparency and without thought of personal gain.
  • I stand by what is right and fair at all times


  • I am responsible for my actions and all its outcomes
  • I hold myself answerable to my superiors, as well as to my subordinates.
  • I take care of all that has been entrusted me, be it resources, talent or finances.


  • I care for the business and contribute to its success
  • I genuinely empathize and care for the predicament, feelings, and motives of others
  • I always make sure that I see the view from the other side of the fence


  • I acknowledge that every individual, including myself, deserves to be treated based on competency and ability
  • I celebrate successes and objectively recognize those that contribute to them.
  • I believe in equal opportunity and equitable recognition


  • I recognize and celebrate diversity, similarities, differences in the organization
  • I accept that people have beliefs, rights, convictions, worth, contribution, and significance
  • I accept the opinion of others while working at a shared goal.

Ushering in 2017 with renewed emphasis on exemplifying our Vision-Mission-Values, the company launched VIA. Our Way of Life. VIA, which means “way”, is SPI Global’s acronym for Value Creation, Innovation, and Automation. This is the yardstick that will guide our decisions, actions and relationships:

Value Creation

  • Is it relevant?
  • Is this something that the client will value?
  • Will it future proof our business?
  • Does it promote a lasting relationship with my client?
  • Is this mutually beneficial for the organization and my client?


  • Will it challenge the existing processes?
  • Is it a game-changer?
  • Is it groundbreaking?
  • Is it disruptive?
  • Am I introducing something new to my team?


  • Will it open more opportunities for the business and the client
  • How will I make it simpler?
  • Is it faster than the current process?
  • Will this allow me to focus on more value adding activities?
  • Will this level up the quality of service I deliver?