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Product Analyst

Philippines - Parañaque City
Posted: July 2020

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VIA: Our Way Of Life

VIA, which means “way”, is SPi Global’s acronym for Value Creation, Innovation, and Automation.
This is the yardstick that guides our decisions, actions and relationships:

Value Creation

Is it relevant?

Is this something that the client will value?

Will it future proof our business?

Does it promote a lasting relationship with my client?

Is this mutually beneficial for the organization and my client?


Will it challenge the existing processes?

Is it a game-changer?

Is it groundbreaking?

Is it disruptive?

Am I introducing something new to my team?


Will it open more opportunities for the business and the client

How will I make it simpler?

Is it faster than the current process?

Will this allow me to focus on more value adding activities?

Will this level up the quality of service I deliver?

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Our diverse population is testament to our expertise in developing and optimizing organizational performance, and respecting individuality that encourages ideation and creativity.


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We encourage an open and flexible team atmosphere that promotes innovation and continuous improvement. We are excellent at getting our employees engaged in fun activities that let them express themselves as individuals, too. At SPi Global, it’s not your usual grind.

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