SPi Global’s Research and Email Classification Service Can Help

New Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) regulations mean firms that receive research via email could be putting themselves at a major compliance risk. Using Natural Language Processing algorithms and predefined business rules, SPi Global’s technology is able to classify email content received and evaluate it for potential inducements. This significantly reduces email-based inducements and allows investment professionals the confidence they are being compliant.

The Research and Email Classification Service Application Architecture

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Our platform is designed to complement corporate and compliance policies through a flexible monitoring solution that integrates to your team members' workflow. Data analytics can provide greater visibility into interactions and activities across the value chain, providing insights that help mitigate risk through improved operational performance and transparency.

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Features of the Research and Email Classification Service:

  • Email extraction from Microsoft Exchange, Google or other email solutions

  • Normalize email content and store information

  • Extract email attachment content from email server

  • Normalize and enrich attachment content and store information

  • NLP/Business Logic for Basic “Research”/ “Non Research”

  • Classify Research based on extracted email content using Entitled Research reference data.
    NOTE: ECS will maintain its own reference data table

  • Audit reports for compliance, management and audit trail for regulatory compliance

  • Alerts can be set for end users, compliance or management

  • Secured deployment on site and within a firm’s own firewall

  • Secure cloud deployment through VPC or approved hosting vendors

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