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The digital education market is growing fast. Analysts predict annual growth of over 8% by 2023, as increasing numbers of educational institutions and licensed teachers offer their services and resources online. This is the around the world – as high speed internet infrastructure is implemented, emerging and developed economies alike are seeing rapid expansion in digital education.

There has also in recent years been rapid and widespread adoption of data analytics as a key tool in digital education publishing, aiding learners in tracking their progress across various educational activities.

SPi Global has for over 30 years worked with education publishers, eLearning companies and corporate learning businesses, helping them deliver superlative learning experiences through adaptive learning solutions, enhanced interactivity and more effective online assessment.

SPi Global and Learning – the Numbers

  • Over 2 million pages of content for leading education publishers.
  • 500 titles in digital authoring.
  • 4,000 assessment solutions every month.
  • 800,000 alt text descriptions processed.
  • 125,000 assets researched and permissions acquired.
  • 15,000 interactive components.
  • 1,000 cover designs produced each year.
  • 20,000 algorithmic assessments.
  • 1,700 titles managed in custom publishing workflow each year.
  • 20 million pages transformed over 6 years.

SPi Global and Education and Learning

We support education and learning organizations in the following ways.

Content Design and Development

Content development and aggregation, cover and page design, assessment development, accessibility improvement and general creative services.

E-Learning and Digital Solutions

Digital content authoring, course and assessment creation, accessibility improvement, animation, HTML5 interactive objects, user interface and experience consulting, quality assurance and testing, and learning platform support.

Data Intelligence and Analytics

Content mining and normalization, metadata and taxonomy definition, abstract creation and support from our subject matter experts.

Editorial Management

Production and editorial project management, image research, and rights and permissions services.

Integrated Workflow Solutions

Solutions for content workflow, transformation and publishing.

Support Management

Helpdesk, back office and fulfillment services, technical product support and sales and marketing support, and content life cycle management.

Digital Media

SPi Global’s 300 member digital team, with resources in the US and across the world, provides onshore, offshore and hybrid support to leading educational publishers and platforms. Our digital media capabilities are extensive.

Online Assessment

Static and dynamic assessment, test-bank coding, content conversion and digital migration, metadata element customization, tagging and linking, multimedia integration, and content consolidation; subject matter expertise for digital content across diverse disciplines, including Physics, Finance and Accounting, Statistics, Economics, Math and Chemistry.

Interactive Learning Development

Development in HTML 5.0, multimedia, Flash and Flex; custom Flash-based interactive elements and eBooks; mobile apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry; iBook authoring, interactive whiteboard applications, and LMS course production.

HTML-based Enhanced eBooks and ePubs

Content for iPad, Kindle, Mobipocket and other eBook readers, working from input formats including XML, HTML, PDF and typesetting application files; design control via CSS3 and layout via XSLT. Multimedia integration including video, audio, widgets and interactivity, with support for bookmarking, search, navigation, collapsible highlights, and internal and external linking.

Other Digital Services

Web tool, user acceptance and functional testing, blackboard, WebCT, companion websites, instructor resource CDs, Angel, D2D, Moodle customizations, online tutorials, learning objects and video processing and editing.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality Assurance (QA) is essential to ensuring that a product or service meets specified requirements, while testing allows content to be analyzed from the point of view of the end consumer. QA offers credibility to a product or service while improving work processes and efficiency.

SPi Global provides initial and regression testing for digital products such as eBooks, apps, websites and courses. Our experts handle multiple source files, often with tens of thousands of pages, undertaking testing and proofreading before providing tested content via a single interactive platform.

Our QA and testing services cover:

  • Proofreading and copy editing.
  • DTD and schema validation.
  • Semantic and business rules.
  • Composition rules and style.
  • Functionality and accessibility.
  • Multiple platforms, including mobile.
  • Performance and load issues.
  • Globalization issues and foreign language operating systems.
  • Consulting.

Pre K-12 Content Development

SPi Global runs a full service K-12 educational development facility in Chicago, US. The company also runs a full service design workflow with production capability.

As well as content development, we have extensive project management capabilities and subject matter expertise in disciplines including science, reading, math, language, arts and social studies.

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