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Today, financial services businesses find themselves wrestling with the opportunities and challenges presented by ever accelerating technological and regulatory change across the industry.

SPi Global provides data and subject matter expertise, and end-to-end technology and support to financial services firms. Our multi-geographical resource pool focuses on areas in the scope of the original G7 Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and the evolving regulations that impact the global financial and business community.

For example, we help financial services businesses with research and email classification services. These can help organizations in the industry reduce receipts of emailed inducements, helping them meet the demands of the European Union’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) and cut compliance concerns.

Our Email Classification Service uses Natural Language Processing and pre-defined business rules to classify and evaluate customers’ incoming email, identifying potential inducements. It also provides a flexible monitoring solution which integrates with our customers’ workflow, complementing their corporate and compliance policies, and integrates regulatory compliance requirements with actionable insights to facilitate data-driven decision-making.We support financial services businesses in the following ways. 

SPi Global and Financial Services

We support financial services businesses in the following ways.

Email and Attachment Extraction

Extracting emails and attachments from various platforms, enriching, normalizing and storing the content.

Research Classification

Applying Natural Language Processing and Business Logic to basic research and non-research content; classifying research content based on extracted email content using Entitled Research reference data.

Audit Reports and Alerts

Creating audit reports and trails to support compliance and general management, with configurable alerts for end users and management teams.

Data Security

Secured, on-premise deployments, within the customer’s own firewall, and secure cloud deployments using Amazon Virtual Private Cloud or other approved hosting vendors.

Web Harvesting

Capturing diverse information types through web scraping and extraction, where required using automated feeds targeting specific websites and aggregator sites alongside those identified by the customer. Clean-up and metadata editing according to customer requirements.

Case Studies

Improved Content Coverage with a Research Data CoE

An industry leader in alternative assets was seeing double digit growth and needed a cost-effective way to scale content coverage.

Operating only from the financial hubs (London, Singapore, NYC), the client wanted to expand to an offshore center.

As a small company, culture was important and the client wanted the expansion to be a potential captive center.


For this project, SPi Global created virtual captive operations for the client, including a dedicated space with client branding that had the feel of one of their own offices — without the upfront costs of setting up their own operations.

Furthermore, the new offshore teams were divided into asset classes with the team leader having direct interaction with the asset owner in London. Accordingly, we setup processes that stridently met quality metrics for management and reporting.

On the content-execution-side, we leveraged our technology and tools for extraction of unstructured data to automate the capture of information from PDF documents, increasing coverage by 30% while cutting time to market in half.

A Real World Example

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