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An annual spend of $1.5 trillion in global research results in more than 2.5 million research papers and almost 3 million patent applications every year. This voluminous amount of steady stream, cutting-edge information needs to be assessed, productized, mined, excerpted, analyzed and distributed through highly sophisticated platforms to researchers worldwide.

We work with the leading publishers, prestigious societies, university presses and open access publishers. Our clients include Elsevier, Springer Nature, Wolters Kluwer, Wiley, BioMed Central, AAAS, IEEE, Hindawi, ASHA, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, BMJ and more.

SPi Global and Publishing

SPi Global is the leading provider of services to the research and professional community. We partner with the largest publishers and content aggregators in science, technology and medical research. Our service offerings in research span across the content lifecycle making it the most complete set of services in the industry. Our technology solutions and highly qualified SMEs drive advanced knowledge services for Smart Content products in the areas of chemistry, medicine and engineering. Our specialists interact and assist key stakeholders like authors, reviewers, editors and the consumers of research content.

Some of our current engagements include:

  • Providing content mining and classification for chemical and biomedical databases
  • Providing metadata management and reference linking to the largest scientific reference database
  • Performing web research and maintain a funding and awards database
  • Maintaining content structure, loading, QA and troubleshooting for a leading medical database
  • Managing author publication queries and end user access/login related queries
  • Supporting over 1,000 authors every year with language editing before submission
  • Supporting the peer review process of over 1,500 journals across leading industry platforms
  • Handling Production Editor services for 5 clients and 1,300 journals
  • Handling end-to-end service for one of the largest open-access publishers
  • Handling full service for over 4 million pages of journals, books and MRWs every year
  • Providing back office customer support (orders, returns, claims) for 10 clients

Case Studies

Help a Leading Provider of Educational Digital Books Expand Services

Our client’s former business of renting out college books had become outdated. There was a tremendously growing opportunity in other student educational services – from homework help to test reviewers and even internship matching.

From a digital retailer of college books, client envisioned to become a platform that connects tools and resources with students who have educational and career goals to achieve.


  • Dynamic Digital Conversion – 50 textbooks of exercises and solutions a month were converted from PDF or Word files into the more dynamic HTML5 format.
  • Tutor Engagement – To enable live online tutorial services, SPi Global recruited and trained and hired digital-savvy tutors for the service.
  • Image-Based Q&A Transcription – For handicapped students, an entire archive of image based Q & A was made accessible. SPi Global transcribed that archive into the acceptable format and maintained it at a capacity of 20,000 questions a week.
  • Quality Audit on Test Questions – SPi Global ran quality audits on test questions uploaded to the platform to identify errors and missing components. A checklist containing points to be covered during the QA process was provided and all QA results shared with client each time a test component was completed.

Enhance Discoverability of K-12 Books

A top K-12 publisher had a huge amount of books/data in archives. Searching for and repurposing these files was a challenging task; requiring them to wade through diverse spreadsheets and thousands of hard drives and file servers. Additionally, there was no proper and readily-available catalog to manage these archives.

There was an immediate need to manage this archive and effectively unlock more productivity and discoverability.


SPi Global deployed the System for Archival and Retrieval (SAR), proprietary platform for assimilating and maintaining archives, as well as retrieving content for repurposing. SAR contains 5 major use modules — Discovery, Organization, Search, Meta Management, and Custom Publishing. The application’s intuitive functionalities help store different file formats and allow the addition of metadata for effortless searchability during the retrieval process.

As performance and accessibility were central to the project. SPi Global customized SAR to flawlessly manage more than 30K ISBNs with more than 100 TB data. We discovered, added metadata to, aggregated, assembled, and cataloged ISBNs by discipline. To power up utility into the future, a search engine was built to create packages for custom publishing.
SAR expedited the discovery of ISBNs across the archive repository and retrieved archives for a complete ISBN. It even required ISBN portions in XML, PDF, and other formats.

Furthermore, metadata management were categorized according to content type, discipline, and file type, among other custom tags. Finally, the Custom Pub Engine enabled users to select files from multiple sources to create a unique file for publishing.

Streamline Educational Content Production and Publication

A leading educational publisher faced challenges in managing the content creation and publication process, with a poor multi-vendor environment.

Client had difficulties in tracking the work package, spend, cost overruns, and performance per business goals.


SPi Global created a custom shared services center for content with end-to-end process management of all print and digital assets for a team of more than 350 people in 2 offices across India. Additionally, we on-boarded and completely managed niche publisher partners and freelancers into the extended ecosystem.

The effort re-badged 25 key resources from the publisher for knowledge transfer, continuity, and oversight. Additionally, we established a streamlined governance framework with monthly management calls and KPI reporting.

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