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Data Privacy Notice and Consent Form for Applicants (Employment)

In the course of determining whether to hire you for employment purposes, SPi will collect and process Personal Data relating to you and, if applicable, your relatives and character references. These Personal Data include information for identification and other personal circumstances, contact information, employment preferences, educational and employment background, personality attributes, skills, licenses, certifications, and other credentials, organizations and affiliations, and government-issued information and/or certifications or clearances particular to an individual. Collection of Personal Data shall be made thru various channels such as online application forms, interviews, and online tests as well as assessments completed by you.

By signing/confirming this consent form, you provide consent to SPi to:

1. Collect and process your Personal Data, as provided under applicable laws, regulations, and SPi’s policies, for its and its affiliates’ and partners’ hiring purposes;
2. Make your Personal Data available to SPi affiliates and partners for them to process the Personal Data for their own benefit, for the same hiring purposes as indicated above. A list of our affiliates and partners can be requested or secured from our Data Protection Officer through the contact details indicated below this form; and
3. Make your Personal Data available, and to permit SPi’s affiliates and partners also to make your Personal Data available:
 a. To third parties who provide products or services to such SPi or its affiliates and partners for the same hiring purposes as described above; and
 b. To other third parties, where required or permitted by law, including regulatory authorities, government agencies, as well as parties with whom you voluntarily transact.

You also confirm that, before providing us with the Personal Data of your relatives and character references (“Your Contacts”), you have obtained their consent to: (i) you collecting their Personal Data; (ii) you sharing the same with SPi; its affiliates and partners, and the third parties as indicated above; and (iii) to the processing (for purposes of hiring you for employment) of their Personal Data by SPi and its affiliates and partners indicated above as provided herein.

The Personal Data will be retained in SPi’s records as part of its potential talent pool for a period of six (6) months, (“Personal Data Retention Period”). Unless retention for a longer period is required for reasonable cause, the disposition of Personal Data shall, upon the lapse of the Personal Data Retention Period, be effected by SPi in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

You and your contacts are entitled to certain rights in relation to the Personal Data that may be collected from you (and from your contacts), including the right to access, correction, and to object to the processing, as well as the right to lodge a complaint before the National Privacy Commission in case of violation of your or your contacts’ rights as data subjects. You may consult the SPi’s Data Privacy Officer at dpo@spi-global.com for any concerns regarding your Personal Data.

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