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In today’s environment of Smart Content, smarter devices, and sophisticated content distribution platforms, technology is indisputably the leading influence.

It is proven time again that the best technology products in the content space are built by architects and specialists with a solid semantic grasp over the content. While the technology space is a heated one, when it comes to understanding content structures and making it work on enterprise-level architectures, we punch above our weight.

We use a combination of proprietary and industry-standard tools to support the acquisition, transformation, enrichment, and delivery of content. Our tools and processes can integrate with your systems and tools via APIs to provide a seamless end-to-end content processing experience.


Find out how SPi developed a user-friendly online learning portal for assessment test questions.

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Content Development

K-12/Higher Education Content Development

The SPi Global facility in Chicago (Tighe) is a full service developer of the preK-12 editorial house with an industry-leading reputation of reliability in content development across multiple disciplines; such as science, reading, math, language arts and social studies.

We combine our onshore editorial and project management skills with offshore production and digital delivery teams in providing a single source solution to our customers.

Test Banks and Custom Content Development

SPi Global has a large team of domain experts across several disciplines; including Engineering, Science, Reading, Math, Business, Nursing, Legal, Finance and many more.  We can work on your specific content needs - either for review exams or for corporate training. Some of our current projects include:

  • Development of detailed back of book solutions
  • Question Banks for review exams such as ACT, NCLEX, SAT and more.
  • Developing original content to explain concepts in interactive learning materials and other learning support aids
Creative Services

Our full service digital studio can handle a wide range of your creative requirements. Our solutions include:

  • Cover and Interior page design
  • Infographics
  • Technical, Situational, and Medical Art
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Image Restoration and Manipulation

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