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With the world saturated in content, it is vital that yours stands out, for the right reasons. SPi Global helps businesses scale omnichannel content production and distribution rapidly, across content development and authoring, editorial support, the creative and design process, and production and delivery.

We take a holistic, consultancy based approach to every customer engagement, working closely with you to secure a thorough understanding not only of your immediate needs but also of your workflows and processes, to identify where and how they might be optimized.


SPi Global is a leader in content technology. We have designed and built into our stack decades of experience and a deep understanding of workflows and content structure. Our technologies have evolved over the year, from pure business rules to in-built intelligence, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Processing exceptional volumes of information every year, our tools have been strengthened by real world stress testing and scenario testing, on an unparalleled scale. Our technology stack works across the content value chain, covering content preparation, production, enrichment and delivery.

Content Preparation Suite

Creating well-formed content right from the outset, at the preparation and acceptance stages, helps achieve improved workflow compliance and schedule adherence and drives project quality benefits downstream.

Our Content Preparation Suite includes:

Online Authoring Portal
This portal supports authors in develop content, allowing them to import existing manuscripts to perform validation and final edits. The portal is particularly useful when updating previous versions of documents.

Content Checker
A customizable solution, the Content Checker ensures that content assets are complete, usable and in line with specifications. Checks include auditing chapter counts against files, image file resolution checks, identification of missing fonts, and mismatches between titles and authors names, and metadata.

Language Assessor
The Language Assessor automatically checks the level of English in the manuscript to determine the degree of editing required. This enables dynamic determination of effort according to content. SPi has developed a parameterized model, based on input from our copy editors, to deliver a document editing level score, customized per customer.

Freelancer Management System
Content preparation workflow typically involves multiple external stakeholders. SPi Global’s Freelance Management System ensures that all parties are brought into a common workflow, allowing for easy tracking and compliance.

Digital Production Suite

SPi Global is one of the largest providers of end-to-end content production services, across multiple industries and products. Our production suite is robust, operates at scale and has been tested across multiple workflows and content complexities. With it we deliver more than 15 million pages of content every year.

Our Digital Production Suite includes:

SPi Global’s workflow management system, Magnus enables orchestration of process routing based on activities and roles, ensures content security and enforces version control. Job requests and status updates are communicated to customer systems via API calls. Magnus supports dashboards and reporting capabilities.

Our proprietary content structuring and editing solution, SPiCE3G transforms Microsoft Word documents created without a standard template into a structured, edited XML format. SPiCE3G also incorporates general copy editing rules to assist copy editors. It is available as a Microsoft Word add-in and as an HTML web app.

Central Artwork System
The Central Artwork System handles image extraction, assessment and processing as a background service, providing images for print and online rendering.

Proofing Suite
SPi’s Proofing Suite works across content categories, supports collaborative proofing and analytics, and offers robust PDF and HTML solutions.

The HTML proofing solution allows authors to review proofs in an HTML interface, making content changes directly in the page. The changes flow directly into the XML, eliminating the need for operators to review marked PDFs and update changes.

Where HTML proofing is not possible, the PDF proofing solution allows for direct changes in the content based on annotations made.

PageBot fully automates the creation of PDFs from XML files, using 3B2, Indesign or LaTeX applications. For standard content PageBot can create PDF documents directly from XML from the Proofing Suite, without the need for a typesetting application. PageBot can handle complex scientific content, including large tables and mathematics.

The Packager creates the final delivery package for the customer, comprising all document versions and assets. SPi Global has developed comprehensive validation rules to ensure seamless ingestion into customers’ Content Management Systems.

Content Enrichment Suite

Making content products more discoverable and categorizing them effectively drives improved content consumption. Meanwhile, as products deliver more than just information dissemination, extracting and linking entities from content helps create unique databases, providing useful analytics and consumption experiences. SPi Global is a leader in working with publishers to enable these benefits.

SPi Global’s content summarization engine, ConSCIse helps customers to create SEO-optimized abstracts and to extract keywords from journal articles, book chapters, patents, reports and other documents improving publication discoverability.

Indexer automates the creation of back of book indices by providing candidate terms for subject matter experts to review and quality assure, significantly improving indexing efficiency.

A group of services enabling publishers and information providers to enhance content search and discoverability, diSCOver blends automation technology with subject matter expert intervention.

diSCOver deploys domain-specific knowledge frameworks in the form of controlled vocabularies – taxonomies, thesauri and ontologies – which it uses to index documents.

The platform provides hierarchical and granular concept navigation within each domain by developing subject specific taxonomies. These are further enhanced through facets for more filtered and targeted search, and taxonomies developed for the facets, enabling cross-domain search.

mARCat enables the creation of MARC records for content using dynamic cataloging templates based on MARC standards and AACR 2 and RDA rules. The mARCat platform creates dynamic tags and MARC fields, customizable to customers’ requirements. This data-rich tagging, enhanced and enriched with relevant metadata, improves the discoverability of the content.

SPi Global’s entity management solution, AuthEntik identifies, normalizes and deduplicates key content items from publications, such as author name, institution, country and funding body, enabling customers to fully leverage the power of analytics.

Content Preparation

SPi Global is a well-established pioneer and leader in supporting leading research and educational publishers in content preparation. Our solutions help establish and secure high author engagement and accelerate manuscript development, according to established guidelines.

Content Development

SPi Global’s Chicago facility, a full service developer of the pre K-12 editorial house, enjoys an industry-leading reputation for reliability in content development across multiple disciplines. These include science, reading, mathematics, languages, arts and social studies, across both print and digital formats.

We also have a substantial team of domain experts, also covering several disciplines, including engineering, the sciences, reading, mathematics, business, nursing, legal and finance, available to work on specific custom content needs.

Author Support

SPi Global’s author support team, comprising over 100 specialists, acts as an extension of publishers’ own teams in the following ways:

  • Author helpdesk: the team responds to author queries relating to publishing policies and Open Access charges, and provides a technical helpdesk service for issues arising with LaTex files.
  • Direct to Author services: the team helps authors with issues such as language editing, manuscript templating and figure creation.
  • Upstream Author Management services: the team supports authors throughout the content development cycle to ensure schedules are met and publisher guidelines are followed.

Creative Services

Our full service digital studio handles a wide range of creative requirements, including:

  • Cover and interior page design.
  • Infographics.
  • Technical, situational, and medical art development.
  • PowerPoint slides.
  • Image restoration and manipulation.

Rights and Permissions

SPi Global’s Rights and Permissions team handles some 200,000 assets each year on behalf of leading publishers in the education, scientific, technical, medical and professional arenas.

Our experienced industry experts deliver a range of rights and permissions services, including:

  • Content review.
  • Text and image permissions.
  • Permissions clearance.
  • Image research.
  • Metadata management.

Peer Review Support

SPi Global is a substantial provider of peer review support services to journal publishers, with over 400 FTEs supporting some 2500 journals. We have experience in working with industry leading and custom peer review platforms.

Content Production

SPi Global provides a comprehensive suite of workflow solutions, taking content from initial concept through to diverse end products – a genuine digital-first publishing platform.

We help organizations identify key process bottlenecks, working with them to achieve truly digital workflows, accelerating publishing times and reducing costs.

With years of experience in processing a wide range of content formats for diverse sectors, we handle more than 15 million content pages every year, across multiple knowledge domains.

Project Management

Working as an extension of publishers’ in-house teams, SPi Global’s project managers and production editors are uniquely experienced in managing diverse requests from authors, and editorial and production teams. They ensure error-free deliverables are provided on time, within budget, and with high stakeholder satisfaction.

Our end-to-end project management model helps us identify repeated activities between publisher teams and vendor teams, allowing us to secure efficiency savings for our customers, via workflow streamlining.


SPi Global’s end-to-end digitization workflow platform accepts content in most hardcopy and electronic formats, transforming it for digital consumption, allowing organizations to repurpose valuable existing content for today’s digital market.

The solution can operate at scale – among our projects have been a journals back-file conversion involving 30 million pages of content and a book back-file conversion extending to 75 million pages.

Our state of the art physical archive is one of the largest in the world, storing hardcopy publications in humidity and temperature controlled conditions. Every item is meticulously cataloged and tracked, allowing publishers to easily access the assets they need.

Content Delivery

SPi Global’s software engineers and content management systems specialists manage the content ingestion, staging and publishing processes, resolving any content rendering issues that may arise. We have built effective workflows to deliver alternative versions of any given content package to each third party, based on customer requirements.

Platform Support

SPi Global’s platform support services extend your capabilities, allowing you to focus your resources while we take care of content delivery matters for you.

Experienced with diverse CMS systems and expert in content workflows, our content support team designs CMS content structures and handles support issues relating to content rendering and CMS functionality.

Our content software engineers design and maintain applications to automate the transformation of aggregated content feeds into specific target formats.

SPi Global is also highly capable in migrating content from legacy platforms to new ones, from analysis of requirements, through content structure mapping and extraction, transformation and load management, to ingestion QA and testing.

Archiving and Digital Asset Management

SPi Global’s asset management platform for digital archiving, SAR, helps publishers store content at an asset level, with appropriate metadata.

We also provide metadata management services for publishers using their own platforms, and content inventory analysis to identify missing content.

These services help publishers manage their digital assets efficiently, facilitating rapid content repurposing and effective management, with valuable insights through reporting on usage permissions compliance.

Content Discovery

Content products need to be discoverable and categorized correctly in order to see impact on consumption. In addition, products are going beyond information dissemination and extraction of entities and linking them helps create unique databases as well as provides useful analytics and consumption experiences. SPi Global is one of the leaders in working with publishers in making this happen.

Abstraction and Indexing

SPi Global offers a wide range of content abstracting services, customizable to meet your specific needs and objectives. Our abstracts give readers a clear view of document themes and contents, promoting access to and sales of your content.

Alongside content abstraction, we provide keyword indexing, subject category indexing and image indexing, across multiple languages and where required based on standard library classification systems.

We also offer domain-specific niche indexing services, with deep knowledge and expertise in various domains, and chemical compound structure drawing and indexing, for existing and new compounds.

Semantic Enrichment

The indexing of scholarly literature and patent documents requires high levels of conceptual understanding. SPi Global provides semantic (conceptual) indexing for such documents.

We identify key domain-specific entities and concepts, indexing them with standard descriptors and domain-specific vocabulary to facilitate intelligent answers to user queries. This adds contextual information, enhancing your information assets, and helping users find relevant information and gain deep insights, supporting their decision-making.

Taxonomy Services

SPi Global’s subject matter experts and certified taxonomists provide customized knowledge modeling services to help improve content storage, search, discoverability and retrieval, and online navigation.

We have 15 years’ experience in knowledge modeling for some of the world’s largest businesses, including publishers, standards organizations, aggregators, scholarly societies, libraries and information providers.

Metadata Solutions

Enhanced metadata and customized, enriched and highly granular Machine Readable Cataloging (MARC) records are increasingly demanded by information providers to improve content discoverability.

SPI Global’s mARCat platform facilitates customized MARC record creation with data rich tagging, according to MARC standards and AACR 2 and RDA rules.

Stringent quality measures and SPi Global’s subject matter experts ensure the quality of the MARC records produced, which can be delivered in a variety of industry standard formats.

SPi Global can undertake original cataloging, copy cataloging, MARC record validation, catalog analysis, transformation of AACR2 records to RDA format and ONIX metadata to MARC21 format.

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