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The widespread adoption of smartphones, tablets and readers, for reference, learning and other aspects of our daily lives, has resulted in a paradigm shift in digital content.

This fast-changing space brings with it new challenges and opportunities. SPi’s tools and technologies are designed to deliver a flawless experience across multiple screen sizes and operating platforms.


SPi has deployed breakthrough technologies to enable a wider consumption of digital content, in particular for individuals with disabilities and to remove language limitations.


Our platform for the creation of content compliant with WCAG accessibility guidelines, SPACE enables input content accessibility review and applies relevant templates to address common challenges. Requirements can be broken down into tasks and assigned to suitable experts such as document specialists and alt description writers.

SPACE employs Machine Learning (ML) models to make image alt description creation more efficient, by identifying similar images and creating rough descriptions for writers to refine.


SmartDub is an AI-automated, cloud based platform providing an end-to-end, human managed voice dubbing service. Instead of taking either a pure technology-based dubbing approach or a traditional voice actor studio dubbing , SmartDub brings together the best of both to deliver localized content in 79 voices and 29 languages.

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Creative and Media Services

SPi Global can create compelling creative assets for use in marketing materials, websites, brochures, powerpoint slides etc. These include templates, infographics, banner ads, widgets and many more.

Our media services team also works on building custom animation based on client brief and also works on video editing and post production services.

Our content localization team can provide translation, subtitling and smartdub solutions to help clients engage audiences across multiple countries to grow their geographical penetration. Combining machine translation with a network of certified translators allows us to deliver on scalability and affordability.

eLearning & Digital Experience

SPi Global can help publishers take full advantage of enhanced eLearning and digital experiences, such as feature hidden searchable text; rich media features, including audio, video, and interactivity; and internal and external linking. We enrich content and make sure it is interoperable across all devices and ensure it supports all accessibility standards.

Instructional Design

The success of any eLearning program depends on effective instructional design. Only eLearning that meets the needs of learners and stakeholders, facilitating learning transfer, knowledge retention, and skills development has significant value.

Our experts work closely with you in accordance with best practices in instructional design to develop design specifications and storyboards for your eLearning program, whether it’s an eBook, or any other 2D or 3D interactive digital media. We also act as your liaison with developers. Our subject matter expertise spans a wide range of domain and market segments.

Course Build

As ever greater volumes of content are designed specifically for digital consumption, enhanced eBooks, featuring searchable hidden text, internal and external linking, and rich media features such as audio, video, and interactivity, are becoming increasingly common. SPi helps you take full advantage of this format, enriching content with semantic tagging to ensure it is interoperable across devices and supports accessibility standards.

LMS/CMS Customization and Support

Whether your content is basic or profoundly complex, SPi Global has the necessary insight to turn it into fully-integrated learning experiences. Our expertise in instructional design and intimate knowledge of diverse Learning Management Systems (LMS) including Blackboard, WebCT, ANGEL, Desire2Learn, Sakai, and Moodle, enable us to integrate your content into virtually any LMS platform and give your cartridge a seamless flow, from start to finish.

We understand that not all LMS platforms are optimized for every learning situation. We are experts in migrating your learning materials to different platforms, so no matter which LMS platform you use, your cartridges will always deliver the content and functionality you require.

Our content support team handles content structure design to enable new functionalities on your CMS platform, and also manages content rendering and functionality-related tickets coming from internal and external platform users. We have rich experience in a wide range of proprietary and open source CMS platforms, which, when combined with our in-depth knowledge of content workflows, provides you with a one-stop solution.

QA and Testing

SPi offers an independent QA and Testing service, undertaking detailed testing of beta versions of your digital products. We handle test plan creation, functionality testing, content proofing and report generation. Our testing lab is fully equipped with multiple versions of devices, operating systems, and browser versions to provide you with comprehensive testing scenarios.


SPi Global is one of the world’s largest providers of accessibility solutions for education. Our services include the following.

Accessibility Testing and Compliance

We can help you make your digital products ready to meet the ADA standards. Our services accessibility audits and remediation deliver ADA-validated documents, web pages, and multimedia files.

Alt Text Creation

SPi creates descriptions for photos, graphs, charts and other types of art, allowing sight-impaired people to gain the same knowledge as sighted individuals when reading textbooks. Subject matter levels range from grade school through higher education, in various subject areas, including English, the social sciences, technical disciplines and Math.

Subtitling and Audio Descriptions

To enhance accessibility around the world, SPi provides subtitling for all your content. Our subtitling services include translation, transcription, closed captioning, scripting and continuity lists, audio video description, and metadata localization.

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