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The widespread adoption of smartphones, tablets, and readers for reference, learning and our daily lives has resulted in a paradigm shift in digital content. This fast-changing space brings with it new challenges and opportunities to information providers. SPi Global's tools and technologies are designed to deliver a flawless experience across multiple screen sizes and operating platforms.


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Digital & Mobile Experience

Interactive Content Development

As more authors and publishers create books specifically designed for digital consumption, enhanced eBooks are becoming increasingly common. SPi Global’s expertise can help publishers take full advantage of enhanced eBooks, which feature hidden searchable text; rich media features, including audio, video, and interactivity; and internal and external linking. We enrich content with semantic tagging, make sure it is interoperable across devices and ensure it supports accessibility standards so the information is available to color-blind and visually impaired users.

Digital Content Authoring

We are preferred partners for digital publishing platforms such as Inkling Habitat, MetroDigi Chaucer and others. Our project teams work collaboratively with your team right from project launch and participate in design review and development of the product with standard and custom interactive objects.

Instructional Design

The success of any eLearning program depends on effective instructional design. Only eLearning that meets the needs of learners and stakeholders—and facilitates learning transfer, knowledge retention, and skills development— has significant value. SPi Global’s onshore and offshore experts work closely and interactively with you to develop design specifications, and to storyboard your eLearning program—whether it’s an eBook or any 2D or 3D digital interactive media—in light of best practices in instructional design. Our subject matter expertise spans a wide range of domain and market segments. We also act as your liaison with developers.

UI/UX Development 

SPi Global’s UI/UX experts bring in adaptive and responsive design solutions to render the content aesthetically across multiple devices and platforms. The designers work closely with various stakeholders in architecture, strategy, editorial, and technology in understanding the strategic objective, user research and focus on driving the value, thereby delivering a simple, functional, and high-quality user experience to today’s demanding consumers.

App & Widget Development

Forward-thinking content providers are leveraging mobile platforms to distribute their content products via interactive applications that allow consumers to perform shortcuts on their mobile devices. These small, device-specific software applications extend the utility of smartphones; offering shortcuts that engage users and give them key information, often at the point of need. In addition, many content providers want their content to be accessed as simply as possible from the device, eliminating the need to go through the browser. SPi Global has built a team to develop applications that are compatible with all major mobile device manufacturers so that we can meet this key requirement of our customers.

QA & Testing

We offer an independent QA and Testing service to perform detailed testing of the beta version of the digital product. We handle test plan creation, functionality testing, content proofing, and report generation. Our testing lab is fully equipped with multiple versions of devices, operating systems, and browser versions to provide you with the most comprehensive testing scenarios.


Our team of over 150 HTML5 specialists work on bringing life into static assets through the intelligent use of HTML5 functionalities -- be it creating a new functionality from scratch or taking over a legacy flash library and transforming it to HTML5, we have got you covered.

We produce over 50,000 eBooks every year - both as part of the front list production and backlist conversion workflows. Our eBook solution is capable of handling inputs in a wide range of formats (XML, Word, PDF, and even Hardcopy) and is able to deliver ePUB (2.0/3.0), Fixed Layout ePUB, KF8, and other custom formats. As an active member of the W3C/IDPF, we are working with the industry in developing the standards of the future.


Course Build & Conversion 

​As a member of the W3C/IDPF, the EPUB3 technical specifications working group, and the EDUPUB initiative for EPUB3, which is advancing effective adoption of e-textbooks and other digital learning materials via EPUB3, we’ve developed workflows and processes that will streamline the use of EPUB3 once it gains broader adoption. In the meantime, as EPUB3 evolves, we are constantly testing EPUB3 books across various devices and platforms to keep our clients up-to-date on which functions are currently supported by which devices. EPUB3 makes it easier to create high-quality eBooks, and no matter which devices emerge as the winners in the marketplace, we’re ready to help publishers prepare their content to take full advantage of the new format.

We have proven expertise in converting content to virtually any industry standard or proprietary eBook format – from EPUB, MOBI, PRC, and AZW to eReaders such as the Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad and iPhone, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Sony Reader. In addition, our technology team is focused on real-time deployment of the latest market developments, and we are constantly refining our conversion tools and processes to optimize rapid eBook production cost efficiently.

SPi Global has years of experience in providing Kindle conversion services, and can transform content from most source formats—such as InDesign, PDF, Word, and Quark Express—into MOBI, KF8, and Kindle formats. We can also take content created in HTML5 for other eBook formats and reuse it in KF8 devices.


Be it creating of original assessment questions in Math, Engineering, Business Reading or Science  based on learning objectives; or creating solutions manuals for back-of-book exercises; or adapting print questions for digital delivery, our detailed knowledge of industry-leading assessment platforms helps us deliver your requirements.

As a member of the IMS Global Learning Consortium, SPi Global has been at the forefront of Common Cartridge and QTI development and adoption. By partnering with us, you’ll gain the benefits of working with an organization that has long been defining and setting the standards for eLearning.

LMS/CMS  Customization & Support

Whether your content focuses on basic subject matter or the most profound complexities, SPi Global has the insight required to turn your content into fully-integrated learning experiences. Our intimate knowledge of various Learning Management Systems—such as Blackboard, WebCT, ANGEL, Desire2Learn, Sakai, Moodle, and other open-source LMS—alongside our expertise in instructional design, enables us to integrate your content into virtually any LMS platform and give your cartridge a seamless flow from start to finish.

SPi Global also understands that not all LMS platforms are optimized for every learning situation. That’s why we’re experts on migrating your learning materials into different platforms, so no matter which LMS platform you rely on, your cartridges will always include the content you want with the functionality you require.

Our content support team handles design of content structures to enable new functionalities on your CMS platform, and also manages content rendering and functionality-related tickets coming from internal and external users of the platform. We have rich experience in a wide range of proprietary and open source CMS platforms, which, when combined with our in-depth knowledge of content workflows, provides you with a one-stop solution.

Common Cartridge, QTI & SCORM

We can transform content to and from various formats, and seamlessly distribute it across channels through our experience with a wide range of LMS and our ability to work with open standards. We support SCORM, which is the de facto industry standard for eLearning interoperability. Through our membership in the IMS Global Learning Consortium, we also help shape the world’s technology standards for eLearning. We support the development and integration of industry open standards, including Common Cartridge, LTI and QTI.


Alt Text Creation

SPi Global provides the creation of descriptions of photos, graphs, charts and other types of art, so that a sight-impaired reader would gain the equivalent knowledge as a sighted person gains when viewing textbooks. Subject matter levels range from grade school through higher education in various subject areas like English, the Social Sciences, Technical and Math.

Accessibility Testing & Compliance

We can help you make your digital products ready to meet the ADA standards. Our services include the creation of alt-text for images, and, delivering ADA-validated PDF files and multimedia assets.


To further your content’s accessibility around the world, SPi Global provides subtitling for all your content. Our subtitling services include translation, transcription, closed captioning, scripting/continuity lists, audio video description and metadata localization.

Automated Dubbing

Partnering with one of the world’s leading streaming provider, we developed SmartDub, a first-of-its-kind automated dubbing solution that boosts content discoverability and cost-efficiency for global businesses using artificial intelligence (AI) and voice morphology. SmartDub is hailed as a finalist in the LocWorld Process Innovation Challenge at LocWorld Silicon Valley 2019.

Introducing: SmartDub

SmartDub is our proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) dubbing solution that empowers content providers to easily convert text content into audio output. Built with Machine Learning (ML) and advanced Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology, it accurately generates synthetic voices without the need for traditional voice-over and recording studios.


Diverse Voice Selections

SmartDub offers wide variety of male and female voice selections to suit your content and create engaging experience for users.

Multi-language Support

SmartDub renders highly accurate output supporting more than 20 major global languages, including Asian languages for better alignment to geographical preferences.

Multi-user Application

SmartDub offers multi-user capability, enabling seamless collaboration between team members without any issues. Managers can assign varying levels of controls to team members, who can simultaneously run and perform different tasks.

Automated Dialogue Synchronization

SmartDub syncs synthetic voices with an actor or personality’s lip movements. With SmartDub, there’s no need to wait for the perfect time for voice-over talent to take over.



SmartDub facilitates a more relaxed and engaging learning experience for students of eLearning providers.

Training and Development

SmartDub enables non-native language speakers to glean invaluable insights from training manuals and resources such as seminars and symposiums.

Entertainment and Media

SmartDub provides greater content discoverability worldwide for Studios and Gaming Companies with a solution that automatically learns, detects, and adapts to subtleties in different dialects and languages.

Advertising and Marketing

SmartDub provides helps acquire wider viewership for Marketing and Advertising collaterals from TV commercials to online clips across various geographies through engaging dubbing.


Access to new markets and revenue streams

SmartDub opens new doors to markets previously untapped due to accessibility constraints. It is fully capable of meeting requirements for regulated markets such as financial and healthcare, making global discoverability of business assets easier than ever.

Faster time to market

SmartDub reduces production cycles and speeds up the processing of assets, empowering faster time to market and increased returns on investment for businesses.


SmartDub eliminates expenses associated with traditional voice-over, including specialized equipment, talents, and studio. Businesses enjoy unlimited use of the platform for a variety of fields, and easily scale work volume as demand grows - all at a price of single solution.

Easily Scalable

SmartDub can be easily expanded to cater an increase in workload or users to support growing businesses around the world. It enables scalable automation for repeated processes.

Continuous technological improvements = better solution

SmartDub AI-powered solution constantly learns, adapts, and improves itself to cater to growing business needs across varying disciplines, cultures, and locations. Highly scalable, adaptable, and intelligent, SmartDub offers a pioneering, best-in-class solution to achieve geographic expansion while effectively bridging the gap between content consumption, costs, and literacy challenges.


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