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SPi Global has a rich history in helping its clients transform their workflows with our Digital-First Publishing Platform, as well as Digital Asset Management and Digitization. Let's discuss how SPi Global can help you.


Find out how SPi Global digitized over a century’s worth of books on schedule.

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Digital-First Publishing Platform

Our team of design, data, domain and development experts provides publishers with a full suite of workflow solutions that can take content from a concept to multiple end products. When combined with analytics and reporting capabilities of our technology solutions, we help identify key process bottlenecks, and work with our clients to achieve truly digital workflows, resulting to a much faster publishing times at significantly lower costs.

Our workflow solution is backed by years of expertise in processing a wide range of content formats servicing various publishing industry segments. Yearly, we handle over 7 million pages of journals, books, loose-leafs, reports, while also supporting scientific, medical, legal, financial and business content.

Find out more about our digital first publishing platform here.

Digital Asset Management

Effective management of digital assets is essential for quick repurposing, management and reporting of compliance with usage permissions. Our digital asset management platform for digital archiving (SAR) helps publishers store content at an asset level with the right metadata. We also provide metadata management services for publishers using their own platforms and content inventory analysis in identifying missing content.


Our end-to-end digitization platform can take content in any format and transform it for digital consumption as a workflow solution.

We have handled some of the largest digitization projects in publishing. These include a 30 million page journals back-file conversion, and a 75 million page book back-file conversion project.

We also have one of the largest physical archives of published materials. Our state-of-the-art facility stores journals and books in a humidity and climate-controlled environment. Efficiently catalogued and tracked by an inventory management system, this workflow solution allows publishers to quickly access assets needed for a specific product (for example, scans at 1200 dpi for a radiology app being created for a journal).


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