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Fulfillment, Marketing and Customer Support

Our deep understanding of the publisher value chain complemented by the warmth and friendly attitude that the Philippines is known for, make a difference in your sales, marketing and customer support processes.

Support Offerings

From order processing; to claims and returns processing; to updating customer records; to generating quotations and contract documentation, our back office team makes life easier for your fulfillment and sales support teams.

Our helpdesk offering supports both internal and external stakeholders – be it an author looking to get details about open access policies; a publisher having difficulties in loading final content to the delivery platform; or an end user accessing his online portal. Our team of customer support agents combines our publishing experience with our CRM expertise to provide the best-in-class solution.


SPi delivers millions of transactions across various back-office activities, such as record and order processing, order management, subscriptions, invoicing and billing, credit card processing, returns and refunds.

We leverage smart technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to efficiently process transactions with minimal turn-around time and to the highest standards.

Digital and Technical Product Support

SPi provides multi-tier technical product support, from the resolution of standard procedure issues to more complex troubleshooting, across multiple browsers, operating systems and devices.

Support is offered in three tiers.

Tier 1: standard, day-to-day issues such as those relating to logins, registration, access codes, single sign-on, multiple-browsers, and operating systems.

Tier 2: more complex transactions and issues escalated from Tier 1.

Tier 3: queries requiring high-level support, including subject matter expertise and engineering issues.

With many years’ experience in a broad spread of content transformation and delivery processes, SPi has deep industry knowledge and experience in diverse open source and proprietary content management systems (CMS) and learning management systems (LMS). We offer content support to education technology providers, OPM, educational institutions and publishers, in a variety of fields, including course conversions, assessments, common cartridge and SCORM production, and setting up course assignments on customers’ platforms.

Customer Acquisition and Sales Support

We assist customers in creating value propositions to enhance brand and revenue potential, through customer acquisition, account database creation and maintenance, account migration, market intelligence gathering, marketing campaigns and catalogue creation.

We provide outbound support for marketing campaigns via email, chat and phone. We also provide design services for marketing brochures, catalogues, banner ads, infographics, interactive digital tools and website development.

Our proprietary AcQuire platform scrapes millions of data points from multiple websites and country locations. This data can be imported or integrated into client databases to support valuable insight generation.

Content Publishing Support

Across the content life-cycle, from creation to consumption, SPi has deep domain-specific knowledge and extensive experience in working with the multiple stakeholders engaged in each process. These are typically diverse, coming from editorial, author, digital, product, technology, sales, marketing and other teams.

We provide wide-ranging content support, including author support during manuscript development and submission, clearing permissions on behalf of authors, and helpdesk support for content authoring and submission platforms.

We offer direct support to Higher Education students, responding to topics and questions from textbooks, and course and supplemental materials, helping them complete their assignments in a timely manner. Our subject matter experts provide one-on-one live tutoring support in many disciplines, using screen-sharing technologies.

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