Industry Expertise

Technical Communications

SPi Global provides world-class Technical Communications services to the Aerospace, Automotive, Power, Industrial and other industries. With a highly skilled talent pool of technical authors, illustrators, data analysts and documentation specialists, SPi offers comprehensive technical communications support.

Our technical communications capabilities include:

  • Technical Authoring – Our highly specialized leads focus on technical content in a particular discipline. Contingent upon technical manual requirements and delivery schedule, SPi’s team leads work with subject matter experts across several disciplines.
  • 2D and 3D Illustrations – The illustrating group is skilled in technical illustrating, graphic design and drafting. We use a number of CAD systems, including Arbortext IsoDraw, Adobe Illustrator, 3D Via, SAP Visual Enterprises, Adobe Photoshop and Tech Illustrator.
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs/IETPs) – SPi provides support for Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) and Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETPs) for various clients across a range of products. Our IETPs can range from a single scanned image (PDF) through presentations of datasets compiled from a block of S1000D compliant Data Modules. The content of the datasets (maintenance tasks, schedules, parts list, warnings, cautions, etc.) is generated from a Common Source Data Base.
  • Content Management Services – SPi focuses on mapping the business objectives of the customer with their content management strategy. We believe in having a complete enterprise vision and strategy for ECM technologies across the information life cycle. Our strategy is driven by a utility computing approach and is focused on creating a unified access layer for data.
  • XML and Legacy Conversion – SPi has years of experience in converting original data from paper, microfilm and electronic files.
  • Converting legacy data to new specs and creating the required file types and establish or supplement file repositories and existing databases.
  • XML & SGML Compliance – SPi’s Information Management specialists are thoroughly familiar with all aspects of XML and SGML, publishing, DTD and style specification structure.
  • DTD and FOSI Development - SPi develops information technologies in accordance with the latest and best practices of XML stylesheets and formats your electronic delivery frameworks for maximum adaptability.