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The Covid-19 Pandemic: A Turning Point For The Scholarly Publishing Community

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic in March 2020. As we draw near to the anniversary of the WHO officially declaring the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, we take a look at the tremendous impact the COVID-19 outbreak has had on society and academic life, learning practices, research and teaching.

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Data extraction, Data enrichment, Data, Content, Customer information


Augmenting Anti-Money Laundering Workflows with Supplementary Technologies

The banking sector is being seen as the first line of defense against money laundering, as regulators ask banks to gather customer information that will help surface, identify, and prevent financial crime. Even with increasing compliance-related costs, banks still face non-compliance issues. Emerging regulatory technologies can help facilitate compliance by helping AML analysts make informed decisions.

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Clinical Trials, Drug discovery, Clinical study


Safeguarding Drug Discovery and Trials Beyond the COVID-19 Crisis

The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has triggered a rush of clinical trials to discover vaccines, threatening the continuity and success of non-COVID-19 drug discovery pipelines. This guide will help you learn to mitigate these new challenges, maintain pole position, and grow your business into the future with effective strategies for decentralization.

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